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Can I add my own mods/plugins/custom maps to my game server from EnviousHost? Absolutely! You may customize your server the way you like. We offer you complete control over your server through a WebUI based system and FTP access.
Can I order a dedicated IP? Yes! You may order a dedicated IP for your server from within the order form or from your Client Area if you already have an active service. If you have any problems when doing this, just create a customer support ticket to the Billing department and we'll gladly assist you!
Can I set my own slots? Yes! For ANY server plan which has 4GB or more RAM, this is a free feature. To unlock the unlimited slots feature on plans below 4GB RAM, you may purchase the "Unlimited Slots" addon from within the order form or from your Client Area if you already have an active service. This is for Minecraft and StarMade customers only.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my package later? Absolutely! You can upgrade/downgrade your package at any time and you will be either charged or credited for a prorated amount for the remaining days of your billing cycle.
Can you help if I don’t know what I’m doing? Sure, we can provide help if you do not know how to access or install a certain thing on your server. However, if you continually need support you will need to purchase a managment add-on.
Do I get limited CPU usage? We do not limit your CPU usage, we do however suspend your server if it is consistently spamming our machines and eating up CPU. If this happens, we limit your servers process to isolate most of the resource lag to your server.
Do you allow sub users (administrators) under my account? Yes! You can delegate access to extra users under your control panel and give them a unique username/password. You may also allow them FTP access as well. Minecraft and StarMade users will need to submit a support ticket to get a new user created.
Do you offer backups? Yes! We take your data seriously as we understand how frustrating it would be to lose all your work on a game server. Prices are as follows:
  • Weekly backups $1.50 USD per month.
  • Daily backups $2.95 USD per month.
Do you offer free trials? Yes! We offer FREE Trial Servers for 24 hours so that you can test our services before purchasing.
Do you provide fast download services? Yes! All games that support redirection (such as CSGO, TF2, GMOD, etc.) come with 5GB storage to redirect your data such as maps, textures, sounds, etc.
Do you provide refunds? If you are not satisfied with our services, you can create a customer support ticket to the Billing department as long as the ticket is created within 48 hours of your purchase - as per our ToS.
Do you support MySQL? Yes, you can generate a MySQL database from our control panel under the 'Advanced' tab on the left side menu when viewing your server. This is for Minecraft and StarMade customers only.
How long does it take to get my dedicated server? We are working hard to bring automated dedicated servers to EnviousHost! For further information please email sales@envioushost.com.
How long does it take to have my game server up and running after the first payment? It is usually immediately, however there might be extraordinary cases where it can take up to 24 hours. You may submit a support ticket to get an update if you do not hear anything after 24 hours.
If the game I like is not listed on your order page can I still get it? Certainly! If your favourite game is not listed on our order page you may contact us to get a quote so we can get the server up and running.
Is there any billing cycle agreement? No, you may cancel at any time!
What is a dedicated server? A dedicated server is yours to use how you wish. You of course will still need to follow our ToS otherwise you may face termination. You can use every resource on the server and you're not limited like a VPS. You can use it's full capabilities.
What makes your servers better than other servers? Our servers are 100% secure with SSD drives and top of the line DDoS protection. With our varied game server choices, multiple location options and 24/7 friendly support - you can't go wrong! We always look forward to assisting you in any way possible!
Where are your servers located? Minecraft and StarMade Servers can be ordered in the following locations:
  • New York City, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Paris, France
  • London, UK
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
Which web control panel do you use? We currently use Multicraft for Minecraft & StarMade customers and TCAdmin for FPS games.
Why am I temporarily blocked? You may get temporarily blocked from our control panels if you fail to correctly login 3 times within a certain time period. The block will last 30 minutes.
Why do I have to enter my personal / contact / billing information? We require this information on any product or service you order from us to avoid issues with fraud. You may read up on our Privacy Policy for more information here https://www.envioushost.com/privacy-policy
Why has my server been suspended? The most common reasons for your server getting suspended are: You have missed your due date, you can process your payment in order to get it unsuspended. Your server is using excessive RAM or CPU usage, most of the time it might be caused by a mod, plugin or map, check your email (Inbox, Spam or Junk folder) for a notification from us. If you are in doubt as to why your server is suspended, just create a customer support ticket to the Support department and we'll prioritise your query!
Why will my plugins not upload? This can be a very rare issue and sometimes it could be due to internet connectivity issues from client to server side. If you have a good internet connection and the issue persists, do not hesitate to open a cutomer support ticket with us.
Do you have a Status page where you show your infrastructure disruptions/issues? Absolutely! Please visit the following site node-status.com