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64GB of DDR3 RAM

When running your own game server, you want to provide an unbeatable gaming experience for your users. That's why we give you 64GB of Dedicated DDR3 RAM

SSD Drives

If you want the fastest server possible, then we've got you covered. We've included SSD drives in Raid 10 as standard. We're nice like that.

Powerful Servers

You have other things to focus on rather than hackers taking control of your server. Let our industry leading security protection take care of that for you.

DDoS Protection

There are all types of people around trying to take down servers, enemy or not. Rest assured that our servers have state of the art protection.

TCAdmin Control Panel

All of a sudden, the server goes down. Why? You've gone over your hosts monthly Bandwidth Quota. Not with us, we offer Unlimited Bandwidth as standard.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

You want to offer the best gaming experience possible right? Well so do we. We run fully mirrored servers that can be switched at any time should a problem arise.

24/7 Support

It's 2am and you run into problems with your server. Whilst most other companies will have nobody around, our experts (who actually play the game ourselves) are here helping customers 24/7.


Rest assured that our 24/7 Systems Administration ensures precise monitoring of hack attempts, malicious account behavior. Each issue is dealt with as it happens, around the clock.

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