A Crash Course in Minecraft Enchanting

Minecraft enchanting is one of the most sophisticated mechanics in the game, yet many players neglect to learn how to do it properly. Luckily, we have produced a beginner’s guide to enchanting to ease you into the dark arts. While Minecraft is often praised for its resource-focused mining and building mechanics, the enchanting element of … Continue reading A Crash Course in Minecraft Enchanting

Amazing Minecraft Vienna Replica

This Minecraft replica of Vienna is both stunning and insane.   Image by MCVienna If you have ever been to the beautiful Austrian capital of Vienna, you will have appreciated the humbling architecture at the Opera House, the tranquillity of the famous Blue Danube, and the pristine streets of one of Europe’s most prestigious cities. … Continue reading Amazing Minecraft Vienna Replica

All About Minecraft’s Survival Mode

There are a couple of different modes to play in while you are playing Minecraft. Survival mode is one of them. Ultimately, this mode is exactly what it sounds like, surviving. In this mode you need to find resources, build structures, and battle mobs in order to survive. You can thrive or die from aspects … Continue reading All About Minecraft’s Survival Mode