Switching Java Versions

Switch across Java versions easily with the following steps! Log in to your control panel account. (mcus.envioushost.com if your server is in the US, or mceu.envioushost.com if your server is located in any EU location.) Once you are logged in, go to your server(s) that need to be modified. From the Jar section, select one … Continue reading Switching Java Versions

3 Exciting Vanilla Minecraft Enhancing Resource Packs

While the world of Minecraft is an experience that can be enjoyed on its own, the many free-to-download resource packs created by the Minecraft community offer a great way of enhancing your gameplay without stripping away the key elements. There are two main ways to shake up Minecraft, and those are to make survival more … Continue reading 3 Exciting Vanilla Minecraft Enhancing Resource Packs

10 of the Coolest MCPE Plugins

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is an awesome way to play Minecraft . One way to make MCPE even cooler is by adding some great plugins. Plugins are add-ons or extensions that can make the game more exciting to play. There are so many plugins for Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, these 10 plugins are so great … Continue reading 10 of the Coolest MCPE Plugins

8 Best Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft is a game easily recognizable by many, both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Its unique Lego-like graphics, often branded as hideous and outdated, stands out like a sore thumb in today’s gaming scene where 720p resolution and 30fps are now considered as “low-end.” You can’t do anything about Minecraft’s silly-yet-charming blocky graphics, but you … Continue reading 8 Best Minecraft Shaders

Team Fortress 2 Tips for Beginners

  Team Fortress 2 has become one of the most popular first-person shooter video games around the world. This isn’t really surprising since TF2 comes with unique characters (all of which have their own strengths and quirks) and a fun and exciting gameplay that encourages teamwork. Playing the game for the first time can be … Continue reading Team Fortress 2 Tips for Beginners

Building a Minecraft Luxury Valentine’s Day Spa

Recently scientists discovered a strong positive correlation between those who take a strong interest in video games and those who spend Valentine’s Day alone. This may not come as a surprise to you, especially if you’re in both of these groups. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to … Continue reading Building a Minecraft Luxury Valentine’s Day Spa