Mesa Minecraft Seeds are a unique and beautiful addition to the Minecraft universe that’s arguably some of the best seeds for the Minecraft universe. While seeds add a unique experience to the Minecraft universe none are quite as breathtaking as the mesa seeds for Minecraft. Regardless of your current in-game status, there is a Mesa Minecraft Seed for everyone out there. Here are five Mesa Minecraft Seeds you don’t want to miss.


  1. 903832016953036259– In this seed, you will find yourself starting out in a mesa biome plateau. While the first village may seem extremely far, it’s actually not too far to get to the nearest village that also includes a blacksmith. If you follow the river you will eventually run right into a mineshaft that contains a cart with useful goods to get you started on your adventure.
  2. 992917877054357052– Right off from the start you’ll notice upon spawning in this particular seed you’re in a flower forest with a mesa biome located right behind you. The two are separated by a river that runs straight down the middle. You don’t have to adventure too far to find mine carts that contain a variety of items that include food, coal, and gold with a mine shaft not too far from these items. You’ll also find some spectacular views for those that enjoy exploring.
  3. 3031321680116475472– For this particular seed you’ll find yourself starting right in the middle of a canyon. A mineshaft isn’t too far actually right below you so you don’t have too far to go. As you venture out further towards the edge of the mesa plateau you’ll find a village with a blacksmith just on the other side leaving the mesa plateau.
  4. -3200857569343076362– This mesa biome is probably the most unique in this list. You start right in the mesa biome but it’s not just an ordinary biome it’s a mix of snow biome, plains, and mesa biome mixed together all in one package. In fact, you spawn right in the middle of each biome so you can head straight for any of the three you desire. Just as with other mesa seeds mentioned you don’t have to go too far to find a village with a blacksmith. If you’re looking for a  mesa seed with a mix of different biomes this is the seed for you.
  5. Look A Star (-1251751086)– Here you’ll start right at the mesa plateau with a desert biome very close nearby with a desert temple. You’ll find a village nearby with a blacksmith and a river flowing between the desert and mesa biomes giving you a clear landmark to identify each biome. As you climb higher you’ll notice a particular mountain that’s shaped like a star which is a cool sight for the explorers at heart.


If you’re looking for a mesa seed to spice up your Minecraft adventure these five seeds are ones you’ll want to try the next time you login. There are sights to be seen and in most seeds, you won’t have to go too far to find a village with a blacksmith or a nearby mineshaft. Mesa seeds are a great way to spice up your Minecraft experience so don’t wait any longer get downloading today!

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