How To Accept The Minecraft EULA

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Starting on Minecraft version 1.7.9 and onwards, server owners are required to accept the new Minecraft EULA. To accept the Minecraft EULA, server owners need to create a new text file with the name EULA.txt and place it on their server directories. On the text file, there should be the line “eula=true” without the quotation marks.

For EnviousHost users, simply follow these steps:

Open text editor (notepad, wordpad, etc).

On the first line, type in “eula=true” without the quotation marks.

Hit save and save it on your desktop by the name eula with an extension .txt. –this will create a file “eula.txt”.

Login to your multicraft panel and go to your FTP.

Upload the “eula.txt” file on your server directory where the JAR files and are located.

– Stay true to the EULA and have fun.

For further inquiries and clarification, feel free to contact EnviousHost support.

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