When it comes to gameplay that’s one thing but you want to look cool while doing it. Do you want to build as Batman? Or maybe the dark side suits you better such as a Daedric Prince or the infamous World Of Warcraft icon The Lich King. Regardless of your taste, there is something for everyone. Here are five Garry’s Mod player models you’ll want to check out and improve your gaming experience.


  1. The Lich King– When it comes to famous characters that everyone’s familiar with The Lich King brings back nostalgic memories for those that played World Of Warcraft and raided in Icecrown Citadel. If you ever dreamed of being the Lich King in Garry’s Mod well the answer is you can! The Mod is made and posted by Maxxy, giving players and ragdolls cape physics with a model that comes in two options, masked and unmasked. The mod also provides you with the Lich King sword and helmet, so you’re able to achieve that Lich King look completely.
  2. Master Chief– Halo fans you haven’t been left out, If you’re a player of Garry’s Mod and ever wished you could be the Master Chief, well now you can! This mod was made and posted by someone who didn’t take a lot of time to write his name, so we will just call him Joe. Fortunately, he took the needed time and effort to bring the Master Chief into the Garry’s Mod universe. In fact, the Master Chief is so famous it’s the number one and most used player model in Steam to date. Is it because the Master Chief is famous? Or cause he just looks cool? Who knows, what we do know though is he’s one awesome looking guy.
  3. Winter Soldier– Winter Soldier is best known for beating the crap out of Captain America in the last film so who wouldn’t want to be this bad guy in Garry’s Mod? The Winter Soldier is cool just in its design with a robotic arm and an efficient Soviet assassin making for one bad guy everyone would like to be. The Winter Soldier is brought to the game by TrueBobert and can be used as a player or NPC model of your choice.
  4. Deathstroke– Deathstroke is familiar to some people but not others. Regardless of whether you’re familiar with the character or not he’s a cool looking guy. Deathstroke is also known as Slade to some and features a mask that is half black to cover the one eye he can’t see out of. While many of us are sorry he can only see out of one eye, it does give him a unique bad guy look. There are several ports available for Deathstroke but the one most highly recommended comes from Nemohh.
  5. Daedric– Last but not least if you would like to go the darkest of the dark route look no further than the Daedric. Daedric is a rare type of armor that’s found within the Elder Scroll series sporting the best possible stats and an excellent look to boot with spikes coming out all over the armor giving it the evilest of evil looks. This mod was created and posted by Voikanaa. This specific armor skin was taken from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and if the devilish look wasn’t impressive enough you’ll find that this particular model will glow a faint red that looks incredibly scary in the dark.


If you have been playing Garry’s Mod for some time now and looking to add a little refreshing change to your experience, changing player, and NPC models is a fun way to change things up from time to time. These are just five of some the best models out there; however, there are tons for just about any character you can conjure up in your mind. Who will you pick!


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