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Creating Cool Things in Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is one of those games that can serve as your getaway from all the seriousness in role-playing games or the competitiveness in first-person shooter games. The game doesn’t have a narrative or goals for you to follow. You simply spawn objects or props and have your way with them using the Physics Gun … Continue reading “Creating Cool Things in Garry’s Mod”

Make Garry’s Mod “Realistic” with Add-ons!

And not just aesthetically either! Here we have a list of add-ons and mods that will make your game a bit more “realistic” in both gameplay mechanic and visuals! So check out our list, install the ones you want, and have fun! Life Mod First on our list is the unique mod under the title … Continue reading “Make Garry’s Mod “Realistic” with Add-ons!”