If you’re an avid Garry’s Mod player, you know there’s always constant updates around the corner and most players look forward to new additions that are added to this wonderful sandbox style game. The next update is scheduled to be released on April 17th, 2017 with several game engine changes and actual in-game changes as well. The game developers plan to roll some of these changes spread out over time to allow mod developers the time to adjust to some of the core game changes. Below we’ve compiled a list of game engine changes and in-game changes that you can expect come April 17th, 2017.

Game Changes.

  • Add-on spawn lists are now separated.
  • Added episodic effects for env_screeneffect.
  • Spawnmenu NPCs are now capable of more actions.
  • Gonarch (monster_bigmomma) can now be killed on maps that are not from Half-Life: Source.
  • Updated default damage for HL:S 9mm Ammo type to their proper values.
  • Renamed flechette gun icon so it properly appears in the spawn menu.
  • Don’t load new images background when in-game.
  • Background images are now unloaded on change.
  • Godmode is no longer enabled by default in Sbox MP.
  • sbox_persist changes are now applied as the convar changes.
  • Player model selector will always fit game window.
  • All props can now be ignited.
  • More entities can now be selected by holding C & right clicking on stuff.
  • Attack Helicopter now takes 6 or so rockets to die in Sandbox.
  • Increased max Field Of View from 90 to 100.
  • Resized all backgrounds to be under or equal to 1080p.
  • Updated hitboxes on the fast zombie player model.
  • Slightly improved performance of player animations.
  • Fixed certain HL:S NPCs having broken materials.
  • Fixed regression when player dies on a ladder.
  • Fixed a possible regression with Favourites server list.
  • Fixed an issue with Paint Tool where painting below your feet didn’t work.

Game Engine Changes.

  • Added cl_downloadfilter noworkshop – disables only all of the workshop downloads.
  • Set r_radiosity default value back to 4.
  • Increased light cache size from 200 to 8287.
  • Updated localization files.
  • Updated Steamworks SDK to v1.38a.
  • Switched SRCDS Steam Workshop to ISteam UGC API.
  • Moved SRCDS workshop files to cache/srcds/id.gma, from add-ons/ds_id.gma.
  • BASS error messages now print the actual error names instead of error IDs.
  • Only display warnings about unused .gmas when there are such .gmas.
  • Default screen resolution is now your desktop resolution.
  • GMod will no longer try to send Lua errors to errors.garrysmod.com.
  • Improved crazy physics detection to avoid more crashes.
  • Updated LuaJIT to 2.0.4.
  • Multiple optimisations and multicore rendering fixes.
  • Fixed a problem with the addon system when using “Subscribing to All” on a collection with items that you are already subscribed to.
  • Fixed a potential crash/memory leak when loading compressed TF2 maps.
  • Fixed certain CS: GO textures failing to load.
  • File download process no longer get stuck if a single download fails in CNetChan:: HandleUpload.
  • Fixed GMad.exe stopping writing the .gma once it encounters an empty file.
  • Fixed hlfaceposer.exe and hlmv.exe (Model Viewer) not working out of the box.
  • Fixed a problem where sound scripts would be preached as sound files causing lag.
  • Fixed floating add-ons not being mounted on dedicated servers in the root folder.

We certainly are looking forward to this latest update coming to Garry’s Mods on April 17th, 2017 and feel that many of these changes will breath new life into an already thriving game. We’re definitely excited and we look forward to seeing you in Garry’s Mod soon.

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