Garry’s Mod is one of those games that can serve as your getaway from all the seriousness in role-playing games or the competitiveness in first-person shooter games. The game doesn’t have a narrative or goals for you to follow. You simply spawn objects or props and have your way with them using the Physics Gun and Tool Gun. Here’s how you can create cool things in Garry’s Mod.


·         Think about what you want to do first. Emphasis on “think,” because you don’t want to be randomly spawning objects while you come up with an idea. Doing so may cause your game to lag. Keep your Spawn menu open to help your thinking process. Perhaps seeing an object will jumpstart your creativity.


·         Once you have your idea, starting spawning the needed objects. Begin with the “base” of whatever you’re building, which is usually the biggest object. For example, if you’re going for a table with thrusters and equipped with a machine gun, spawn the table first. It’s more efficient this way.


·         Arrange the objects into position and weld them together. While doing this, remember that you can do more than just lift objects using your Physics Gun. You can freeze an object mid-air by right-clicking while still holding it (pressing R un-freezes it). You can position an object with more precision using the movement keys while holding down E. And you can also press Shift while holding E to align the object to a major or minor axis. Also, remember to use the “No Collide” tool when welding two objects whose shapes don’t exactly fit into each other.


·         After putting together the basic parts, you can then add the effects, like attaching thrusters or wheels depending on how you want your contraption to function. And then finish things off by using the “Material” Tool to add color and texture because, frankly, contraptions are usually ugly-looking. You want your project to look as neat-looking as possible, especially if you plan to take screenshots or videos and show it off to others.


If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas a.k.a. you’re stuck in the first bullet point, here are a few ideas:


1.       Build a fortress using metal containers and blast doors. You can stack together multiple containers to make higher “floors” and then add elevators and lifts to access them. And then spawn zombies and relive your favorite moments from “The Walking Dead.”


2.       Build a towering structure with the “No-Clip” mode activated (by pressing V). And then jump from the top with either a glider or a parachute equipped. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, build a durable-looking vehicle instead and blast away from the top.


3.       Are you a fan of action movies? Why not re-create your favorite action sequences in the game? You can go for the famous highway chase scene in “The Matrix Reloaded” with a motorcycle and a bunch of cars waiting to explode. Or you can simply re-create every Michael Bay-directed movie. It’s not that hard, really. Just make everything explode.


4.       If you want to keep things simple, just build a car or whatever kind of vehicle and just go for a joyride. You can build obstacle courses or makeshift racetracks and invite other players to participate. If you’re a fan of the Twisted Metal games, you can similarly go for vehicular carnage and attach weapons to your vehicles.


5.       Ever played Just Cause 3? It’s a game where you can blast innocent NPCs into the sky using rocket thrusters attached on their butts – literally. You can do the same thing in Garry’s Mod by spawning ragdolls and “equipping” them with thrusters. Just make sure your parents or other people don’t see you while you’re laughing evilly as the ragdolls flail around. They’d think you’re some kind of sadistic psychopath or something.


6.       Create a gladiator arena where you and other players can fight to the death. You can set specific “kill” rules, like explosives only or vehicles only. To make things more interesting, you can be the “game master” instead and randomly spawn objects from nowhere for distraction.


Those are just some of the things you can do to enjoy Garry’s Mod. Be sure to get lots of Add-ons if you want more options to choose from. And if you’ve come to a point where you really can’t think of anything to create, you can always join established Gamemodes.

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