The beauty of Minecraft is the ability to play the game in various ways. Minecraft has various mods that change the level of gameplay. One of these types of mods are called overhaul mods.  An overhaul mod, or total overhaul mod changes things in the game while keeping the game in it’s original universe.


This could mean that changes are made to graphics, music, game pace, or even models. Most overhauls are made with add-on materials too. So you are getting a game close to the original yet it will slightly differ and give you a unique experience because of the differences.


Overhaul Mods For Minecraft Include:


  • Aether II
  • Galacticraft
  • Twilight Forest
  • Ether: Wings of Silence
  • Pixelmon
  • Buildcraft


There are many other overhaul mods. Some are many are based on survival mode. The biggest concept of overhaul mods is to change the way the game is played. It gives you a different experience from the original version yet is similar to the original where the universe or in Minecraft ‘worlds’ don’t change.


Keep in mind that there are so many possibilities for overhaul mods in Minecraft due to it’s flexibility of gameplay and design. There are nature overhauls, world overhauls, mining overhauls, fence overhauls and even weapon overhauls. Exploring this overhaul mods give you a different experience every time.


To catch a glimpse of an overhaul mod review check out this YouTube video. This is a of Bow overhaul mod for Minecraft.
Since there are many overhaul mods out there go ahead and check them out for yourself! If you have any questions or comments on overhaul mods please feel free to leave us on a comment on Envious Host. Thanks! Happy Mining!

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