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SkyFactory 3: The Skyblock Mod You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’re a fan of Skyblock, you’ll enjoy the SkyFactory 3 mod. If close to death starts and being on the edge is your thing, then this is one mod you don’t want to miss. First upon starting Skyblock with the SkyFactory 3 mod, you’ll notice that you start in an empty area with nothing … Continue reading “SkyFactory 3: The Skyblock Mod You Don’t Want To Miss”

What You Need To Know About Resonant Rise b.1.0.1

Resonant Rise is a lite modpack that was made for Minecraft version 1.7.10 that’s hosted on the ATLauncher and is considered one of the best mod packs around. Some mods are required to take advantage of everything Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 offers but you’ll find most of these are optional. If you’re interested in taking your … Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Resonant Rise b.1.0.1”

Understanding Overhaul Mods In Minecraft

The beauty of Minecraft is the ability to play the game in various ways. Minecraft has various mods that change the level of gameplay. One of these types of mods are called overhaul mods.  An overhaul mod, or total overhaul mod changes things in the game while keeping the game in it’s original universe.   … Continue reading “Understanding Overhaul Mods In Minecraft”

MOTM – TerraFirmaCraft

Are you looking for a more challenging mod or a difficult mod for Minecraft? There are so many different Minecraft mods that can make Minecraft a bit more challenging when you get bored of easier mods. And we know gamers always like a good challenge! A great difficult mod to check out is TerraFirmaCraft. This … Continue reading “MOTM – TerraFirmaCraft”