SkyFactory 3: The Skyblock Mod You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’re a fan of Skyblock, you’ll enjoy the SkyFactory 3 mod. If close to death starts and being on the edge is your thing, then this is one mod you don’t want to miss. First upon starting Skyblock with the SkyFactory 3 mod, you’ll notice that you start in an empty area with nothing but a tree and a piece of dirt separating you from one fall to certain death. Version three of this gives you a variety of new mods to play with that gives the player many more choices than they had before.


Let’s go into more detail about the changes that the developers have made to help improve performance and other areas of the game. First, the developers in an effort to improve performance have redone the inventory system to be more universal with other mods cleaning up the performance drop that could be seen with other mods and inventory. However while using other mods it’s important to note that until the other mod developers adjust their mods to use the new inventory system you won’t see the performance increase SkyFactory 3 brings with it.


Another change you’ll notice is the update to storage making things more organized and accessible than ever before. Here is a quick list of other changes you’ll find with SkyFactory


  • Chickens drop gold ingots the way they are supposed to instead of upon death.
  • Config files have been regenerated to eliminate errors that would arise.
  • You now have the ability to make Manyullyn in an Alloy Smelter with dust.
  • The party pickaxe can no longer be crafted new.
  • Wood Chips will now drop 100% for all players.
  • You now can crush or pulverize Prismarine Blocks into Prismarine Shards.
  • Menril Stone and Tiny Torches will count as off-hand torch tweaks.

These are just some of the changes you can look forward to in the Skyblock SkyFactory 3 mod. If you have been suffering from performance issues or looking for some change in your Skyblock experience this is one mod you don’t want to miss. There really is something for everyone and we hope to see you on a new journey soon!

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