This month’s MOTM is a bit different than our usual featured mods. Have you ever wondered if Minecraft has any type of insects involved in the game? Have you ever seen any bees? Well this mod is everything that has to do with bees. This mod has everything from honey to beehives and even bees that attack you. It also has friendly bees.


About The Bee Mod

Beehives can be hostile however, they provide honey, which can be crafted into honeycakes or pancakes for food. You also get use of honeycomb for crafting. Overall this mod brings new survival techniques to the game and a great new resource for you, honey. It also gives you a new mob to battle, which makes it a bit more fun. It has just recently been updated, so it is definitely a good time to check this mod out for yourself.


Mod Features

  • Beehive blocks can be found in random trees.
  • Bee mobs will attack you.
  • Crafting items such as honeycomb.
  • Can craft food items from honeycomb such as pancakes and honeycakes.
  • Nectar is dropped by dead bees and can be used as food.
  • Can craft an apiary block from beehives, sticks and sugarcane.
  • Can spawn friendly bees that will attack hostile mobs for you.
  • Use a bucket to harvest honey.
  • Battle bees for honey and beeswax.


Food And Recipes

If you have wheat and honeycomb, you can make pancakes. If you want to craft a honeycake, you will need to have a pancake and some honeycomb. A pancake will heal one bar of hunger while a honeycake will heal two and half bars of hunger. Nectar from dead bees is also a good food source, it heals half a bar of hunger. So, this mod is a great resource, as well as a fun interesting way to play the game. We all know food is valuable, so this mod gives us just what we need, a solid food source.


Required For Mod

  • This mod supports 1.10.2


How To Install The Mod

  • Download the latest version of The Bee Mod
  • Put the .jar file into mods folder for your Minecraft Installations
  • Enjoy the new mod!


Bees are interesting creatures, and this mod is really cool. If you are looking for new food sources or new mobs to attack, or even if you want friendly bees to attack mobs for you, this is a great mod to get. It gives you a different way to obtain food and provides an interesting take on mobs.

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