Resonant Rise is a lite modpack that was made for Minecraft version 1.7.10 that’s hosted on the ATLauncher and is considered one of the best mod packs around. Some mods are required to take advantage of everything Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 offers but you’ll find most of these are optional. If you’re interested in taking your Minecraft experience to the next level then the Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 mod is here to answer the call. We are going to dig deeper into everything Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 entails.


List Of Core Libraries


  • CodeChickenCore
  • CodeChickenLib
  • COFH Core
  • DenLib Utils
  • ForgeMultiPart
  • OpenModsLib
  • PowerCrystalsCore


These are just some of the core libraries that Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 case included. While the average user may not be to concerned with these, those that like to write mods or tinker with them their selves will find this information useful. Now with so many mods included where does one start? Fortunately, it can be played easily with Vanilla Minecraft but the bread and butter are in crafting wands, arcane workbenches, research tables, and nodes. The mods included in this pack are vast and very large you can head over to where you can get a detailed list of mods included within Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 even the optional mods not necessarily needed to run it.


If you’re looking for a neat unique way to spice up your Minecraft experience this modpack is just the thing you need to add that wow factor back into your gaming experience. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between what mods are worth getting but this pack has something for new and veteran players alike. Don’t hesitate, download and get started today!

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