Are you looking for a more challenging mod or a difficult mod for Minecraft? There are so many different Minecraft mods that can make Minecraft a bit more challenging when you get bored of easier mods. And we know gamers always like a good challenge! A great difficult mod to check out is TerraFirmaCraft. This is an awesome survival challenge that is a lot harder than beginner mods. It will test your survival skills.

About TerraFirmaCraft

This mod tries to make Minecraft more like real life with tools and different types of crafting. TerraFirmaCraft lets you master skills as you go throughout the game. You will travel far to gather materials, it will test your survival skills, and it will let you build awesome castles, homes, and towns. The terrain is beautiful and rugged. The beginning of the game is like starting with a fresh new world where you can begin building again.

There are 3 different ages in the game: Stone, Casting, and Iron. The Stone age gives you tools that are somewhat primitive and the surroundings are a bit vanilla. The tasks at hand seem to take a bit longer to achieve in this age as you cut trees and gather supplies. In the Casting age you will have bronze and copper tools, and you will start to learn the pottery system. You will master new skills in this age and use a variety of tools. In the Iron age, you will learn to master the smithing system and have wrought iron tools. You will learn how to create things with bright colored steel, such as red and blue steel. This age will have rare resources that you will have to find and learn to use.

The surroundings of TerraFirmaCraft will show you different rock types, boulders scattered here and there, greenery with various trees, and new fruits and crops. The fruits and crops are great food sources. The plants change with the seasons. It really is a beautiful landscape that you are sure to fall in love with.

Mod Features For TerraFirmaCraft                                                                                  

This mod for Minecraft has several unique and interesting features that include:

  • Leather, Hide, Wool, and wood crafting.
  • Various tools such as: knife, axe, shovel, pickaxe, hammer, chisel, and saw.
  • Various weapons such as: sword, bow, mace,and javelin.
  • Mastering of skills that include: smithing, mining, construction and crafting.
  • Hostile mobs include: skeleton, javelin skeleton, creeper, zombie, and bear.
  • Farm animal mobs and tameable mobs are also in this mod.
  • It also includes various rocks, gravel, wood, stone, and clay resources.


Here is a Youtube video that will help you give a little more of an overview and visual of this Minecraft mod:

Overall, this mod will test your skills. It will push you to the limits of survival and bring a new type of realism to the game. There are many different mods that are considered difficult, however this is one of the most challenging when it comes to real survival.

Requirements For This Mod

It’s recommended that you have FastCraft downloaded for this mod. This mod supports 1.7.10.

How To Install TerraFirmaCraft

  • Download and Install TerraFirmCraft.
  • Put the .jar file into mods folder for your Minecraft Installations.
  • Open and run Minecraft.
  • Enjoy the new mod!

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