That’s right, villains are taking over Minecraft in a big way. Specifically, we are referring to the Villains Skin Pack. This new pack brings with it many great additions to help you release your inner demons. The package includes new skins for schemers, scoundrels, and dastardly masterminds just to name a few. The Villains Skin Pack you’ll find available for the amount of $1.99 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 platforms.

Minecraft creator Mojang has always offered many of its skin packs for free. While this one isn’t free, Mojang has always charged a low fair price for many of their skin packs in the past and continue to do so as we head into the future. Whether you’re new to Minecraft or just looking to spice up your gameplay, the Villains Skin Pack has something for everyone.

This pack comes as part of the 0.15.4 update that was released for most platforms at the beginning of 2017. While many have already heard about this awesome update, we also know many of you haven’t. Now is the time to step up your game and improve an already awesome experience. In total there are 17 new skins, threetofu which were mentioned earlier, but we know you want to know of more. So, here is a short list of other new skins brought to you in this awesome update.

  1. Patchkin.
  2. Endergaunt.
  3. Eyece.
  4. Terror Spawner.
  5. Dungeon Spectre.
  6. Slymime.
  7. Cake Maniac.

Previously Mentioned.

  1. New schemer skin.
  2. New scoundrel skin.
  3. New dastardly mastermind skin.

While we would like to tell you everything included in the Villains Skin Pack, we don’t want to spoil the suspense and excitement that comes with new additions to the Minecraft universe. We are just as excited as you are about this new addition, but the real question is – will you be able to tell who is friend and who is foe?

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