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TF2 Guide: Engineer

In Team Fortress 2, you can damage enemies directly and indirectly. If you want all-out assault, you can play as the heavy-hitting poster boy of Team Fortress 2, Heavy. If you prefer an up-close and personal style, you can play as the Flamethrower-carrying Pyro. And if you want to indirectly damage enemies using elaborate traps, … Continue reading “TF2 Guide: Engineer”

TF2 Guide: Pyro

Pyro is the designated short-range unit in Team Fortress 2, capable of dealing heavier damage the closer he is to the enemy. But not because he has boss-like melee weapons under his command. No, Pyro is deadly when in close range simply because of his default Flamethrower. Similar to real life, your chances of survival … Continue reading “TF2 Guide: Pyro”

Team Fortress 2 Tips for Beginners

  Team Fortress 2 has become one of the most popular first-person shooter video games around the world. This isn’t really surprising since TF2 comes with unique characters (all of which have their own strengths and quirks) and a fun and exciting gameplay that encourages teamwork. Playing the game for the first time can be … Continue reading “Team Fortress 2 Tips for Beginners”