Team Fortress 2 has become one of the most popular first-person shooter video games around the world. This isn’t really surprising since TF2 comes with unique characters (all of which have their own strengths and quirks) and a fun and exciting gameplay that encourages teamwork. Playing the game for the first time can be difficult, but don’t worry since you can easily familiarize yourself with the controls and learn how to use weapons. You can start by mastering the following tips:

1. Choose the right class for you. One of the best things about Team Fortress 2 is that there are nine classes to choose from. Those who just want to shoot and kill (and win faster) often play as Snipers and Soldiers, but take note that these aren’t the only good choices! If you like building things, for example, why not be an Engineer? If you want to become a valuable part of the team, give Medic and Heavy a try.

2. Always do a Spy check. Don’t just depend on Pyros to do this! You’ll never know when you’ll find a Spy in your midst.

3. If you get chased by the enemy’s Uber (a Medic who has Ubercharged), just run to the opposite direction as fast as you can. If they chase you, they’ll waste their precious Uber time and you’ll keep your teammates away from danger.

4. If you’re the Medic getting an Ubercharge, don’t just rush into enemy lines. Consider how you’ll get away once the Ubercharge fades and you’re left vulnerable.

5. If you’re a Scout, stay away from Medics when you Bonk (i.e. drink Bonk Atomic Punch). Medics can get a free ubercharge when they attack you with an Ubersaw. If you’re a Medic, on the other hand, watch out for Scouts who Bonk so you can get an Ubercharge.

6. As a Scout, try to get everybody to chase you. Consider it a win if you have two or more people chasing — and wasting their time — on you.

7. If you’re a Spy, make it a point to master running backwards. You’ll need this to shoot people down with your pistol while you’re trying to escape. You can also use backwards running to get behind enemy lines while disguised as an enemy without being spotted.

8. If you’re a Pyro, learn how to quickly switch between your weapons. This is important since it allows you to trick enemy soldiers into thinking that you’re using a shotgun or a melee. They’ll try to shoot you but, with a quick switch, you can pull up your Degreaser and reflect their ammo back to them.

9. Practice, practice, practice! No amount of reading will improve your skills unless you try to apply them to real life.

10. Get your own server. There’s nothing wrong with playing on the official Valve server, but having your own allows you to use mods and play Team Fortress 2 on your own terms. Don’t worry!  You can easily get a server from us here at EnviousHost!

Keep these tips in mind to be a great TF2 player and enjoy the game to the fullest!

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