minecraft bedrock dedicated servers

Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Servers have arrived!

Are you tired of having to find plugins to integrate artificial intelligence with Monsters and Animals for your PocketMine server? Well, don’t look any further! Here at EnviousHost we have made a bunch of updates in order to support the new Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated servers which comes with integrated Artificial Intelligence and with normal Monster and Animal spawns, high mountains as well as weather control.?

What is the difference between PocketMine and BDS?

Minecraft BDS is the Vanilla version for mobiles such as Android, iOS and Windows 10 by Mojang, this version does not support any modifications such as plugins and mods, however in case you need to use plugins, we recommend you to take advantage of our PocketMine servers which supports plugins and multiple worlds, adequate for most advanced users. On the other hand, PocketMine has been around for some years now and is mostly developed by the PMMP community, this version is developed using PHP code and supports tons of customization for big communities wanting to include a Multiple world server plus control over their users such as roles, in-game economy and more.?

How do I get started?

To get started simply go to our Minecraft BDS page to find out more about our current plans. Our plans are starting for as low as $2.50USD per month in Multiple locations.

Do you have questions or doubts? Send us a message at our Client Area, start a Live Chat session with one of our Sales Rep. or join our discord server

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