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minecraft bedrock dedicated servers

Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Servers have arrived at EnviousHost!?

Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Servers have arrived! Are you tired of having to find plugins to integrate artificial intelligence with Monsters and Animals for your PocketMine server? Well, don’t look any further! Here at EnviousHost we have made a bunch of updates in order to support the new Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated servers which comes with integrated … Continue reading “Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Servers have arrived at EnviousHost!?”

How Does Minecraft Foster Creativity?

Minecraft is so much more than a video game. It leaves room for you to think creatively, use reasoning and harvest survival skills while bringing your ideas and dreams to life. It truly is a game that fosters creativity and imagination. Minecraft fosters creativity by giving you the power to bring your thoughts into a … Continue reading “How Does Minecraft Foster Creativity?”

Minecraft: Hour of Code

For many parents, Minecraft has has helped kids foster their imaginations, taught them critical thinking skills, and now is teaching them how to code and to read javascript.. Microsoft and have codeveloped a free Minecraft Tutorial called ‘The Minecraft Hour of Code Designer.’ It was created for the Hour of Code Campaign that encourages … Continue reading “Minecraft: Hour of Code”

MCPC or MCPE? Which is Right for Me?

Minecraft is a popular game that can been played on many different platforms, different consoles, and different devices.  It can be played on XBox One, XBox 360, PS3, PS4, personal computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. At EnviousHost, we offer server hosting for MCPC and MCPE.  MCPC is for desktop and laptop computers.  MCPE is for … Continue reading “MCPC or MCPE? Which is Right for Me?”

Minecraft Education Edition

After starting out as a humble little indie game, Minecraft quickly shot to superstardom and eventually ended up as one of the most successful and most recognizable games of all time. Along with the complete creativity the game offers and the always-helpful community, Minecraft draws its success from being easily accessible to virtually anyone. It … Continue reading “Minecraft Education Edition”