For many parents, Minecraft has has helped kids foster their imaginations, taught them critical thinking skills, and now is teaching them how to code and to read javascript.. Microsoft and have codeveloped a free Minecraft Tutorial called ‘The Minecraft Hour of Code Designer.’ It was created for the Hour of Code Campaign that encourages kids to learn to code for an hour.

The Minecraft hour of Code Designer tutorials are designed to be educational, fun and motivational for kids.The program was designed for children ages 6 and older. It teaches children how to animate different aspects of the Minecraft game in 14 specific challenges that are taught in one hour increments. Ultimately it lets them create their own simple version of Minecraft that they can share with friends.

The game uses simple click and drag commands that allow you to program different characters and aspects of the game. It uses simple codes such as move forward, turn left, drop wool, spawn cow or even destroy block. It shows the codes in words that kids can easily read but it also shows it in code so that a child can learn what the code for that command looks like. Once the code blocks are set into place the child can click ‘run’ to see the code they created take action.

What is really nice about these one-hour coding puzzles is that it teaches kids computer science and javascript! Many adults have even enjoyed this program. Coding is like a foreign language that is really relevant in this world of technology and many can benefit from learning it. The more you understand it, the better at technology, web design and programming you will be. A few of the benefits of learning to code as a child includes:

  • Helps children with quick thinking skills
  • Promotes creativity and imaginations
  • Teaches problem thinking skills
  • Teaches kids to read javascript
  • Helps kids understand technology better

The Hour of Code at teaches kids how to code on other games as well, such as Angry Birds, LEGO Bricker and Food Frenzy. It takes games they love and teaches them tools they can use for life. Co-developing the Minecraft game with Microsoft was genius because so many children have had a deep love for this creative video game. It’s a great tool in the classroom for teachers, as well as at home in the child’s spare time. Now parents can help their kids learn at home without being worried about how much screen time their kids are getting. The world needs more programmers and this is a great way to start them early.

If you would like to know more about this game and how to let your child play check out this YouTube Video or go to to check out the Minecraft Hour of Code for yourself. A game that is also a teaching tool is a wonderful way to expand your child’s mind.

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