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Minecraft: Hour of Code

For many parents, Minecraft has has helped kids foster their imaginations, taught them critical thinking skills, and now is teaching them how to code and to read javascript.. Microsoft and Code.org have codeveloped a free Minecraft Tutorial called ‘The Minecraft Hour of Code Designer.’ It was created for the Hour of Code Campaign that encourages … Continue reading “Minecraft: Hour of Code”

Minecraft Education Edition

After starting out as a humble little indie game, Minecraft quickly shot to superstardom and eventually ended up as one of the most successful and most recognizable games of all time. Along with the complete creativity the game offers and the always-helpful community, Minecraft draws its success from being easily accessible to virtually anyone. It … Continue reading “Minecraft Education Edition”

7 Educational Benefits of Minecraft

Are your kids addicted to Minecraft? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We are always trying to come up with new, creative ways to get them unplugged and doing something that comes without batteries or power. However, if you take a few minutes to look at Minecraft from a different angle, you can actually see … Continue reading “7 Educational Benefits of Minecraft”

How to Recreate your Favorite Buildings in Minecraft

How to Recreate your Favorite Buildings in Minecraft Have you ever passed by a building or seen something in a game or movie that made you think to yourself, “I would totally love to recreate that in Minecraft!”? Our modern world is full of amazing architecture. What do you dream of building? Your school? A … Continue reading “How to Recreate your Favorite Buildings in Minecraft”

3 Ways Teachers Can Use Minecraft

3 Ways Teachers Can Use Minecraft to Engage Young Students A few weeks ago, we discussed the merits of Minecraft as an educational tool. Today we will outline 3 examples of how teachers can integrate Minecraft into their curriculum to engage younger students. These ideas are recommended for kindergarten and elementary school students but teachers … Continue reading “3 Ways Teachers Can Use Minecraft”