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Switching Java Versions

Switch across Java versions easily with the following steps! Log in to your control panel account. ( if your server is in the US, or if your server is located in any EU location.) Once you are logged in, go to your server(s) that need to be modified. From the Jar section, select one … Continue reading Switching Java Versions

MCPC or MCPE? Which is Right for Me?

Minecraft is a popular game that can been played on many different platforms, different consoles, and different devices.  It can be played on XBox One, XBox 360, PS3, PS4, personal computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. At EnviousHost, we offer server hosting for MCPC and MCPE.  MCPC is for desktop and laptop computers.  MCPE is for … Continue reading MCPC or MCPE? Which is Right for Me?