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Switching Java Versions

Switch across Java versions easily with the following steps! Log in to your control panel account. (mcus.envioushost.com if your server is in the US, or mceu.envioushost.com if your server is located in any EU location.) Once you are logged in, go to your server(s) that need to be modified. From the Jar section, select one … Continue reading “Switching Java Versions”

Mod Pack of The Month: FTB Infinity

Mod Pack of The Month: FTB: Infinity Ready to revamp Vanilla #Minecraft? Our July Mod Pack of the Month, FTB: Infinity is an all-purpose mod pack that will add new content to whatever you are into! It’s designed to be played solo or with your friends, and you are going to LOVE IT! What You … Continue reading “Mod Pack of The Month: FTB Infinity”

Mod Pack of The Month: Resonant Rise 3

Mod Pack of The Month: Resonant Rise 3 Experience the world of Minecraft from one generation to another with our June Mod Pack of the Month: Resonant Rise 3. This is one of our favorites! What to Know About Resonant Rise 3 Resonant Rise 3 is a unique mod pack that features an extended history of the … Continue reading “Mod Pack of The Month: Resonant Rise 3”

Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams

Every day we receive inquiries from Minecrafters looking for free servers. At EnviousHost, we simply can’t offer free Minecraft servers. That’s because we have to actually pay for the servers themselves, then pay the utility bills to keep them online, and pay our fabulous support staff to help you guys when you run into issues. … Continue reading “Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams”