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Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams

Every day we receive inquiries from Minecrafters looking for free servers. At EnviousHost, we simply can’t offer free Minecraft servers. That’s because we have to actually pay for the servers themselves, then pay the utility bills to keep them online, and pay our fabulous support staff to help you guys when you run into issues. … Continue reading “Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams”

Minecraft 1.8.4 is Here!

We have some exciting news! Minecraft 1.8.4 is here at last! This release is important because it signals the repair of several bugs but also includes enhanced security. Check out the full announcement from Mojang here! Playing Minecraft 1.8.4 on EnviousHost Remember, at EnviousHost, we keep your gameplay epic! Stay tuned for more news and … Continue reading “Minecraft 1.8.4 is Here!”

EnviousHost Now Offers Domains

Register Your Domain! Aside from hosting Minecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Starmade servers, we are now offering domains to those interested. You can actually register right here with EnviousHost! What is a Domain? A domain is a unique internet address that you can control and edit as you see fit. In games such as Minecraft, … Continue reading “EnviousHost Now Offers Domains”

EnviousHost Goes to Space!

EnviousHost Goes to Space! EnviousHost is proud to announce that we now offer StarMade server hosting! Ever wanted to build your own space ship, explore the vast universe, and battle space pirates to the death? Now you can with StarMade! I know what you are about to say; “this game looks like a heavily modded … Continue reading “EnviousHost Goes to Space!”