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Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams

Every day we receive inquiries from Minecrafters looking for free servers. At EnviousHost, we simply can’t offer free Minecraft servers. That’s because we have to actually pay for the servers themselves, then pay the utility bills to keep them online, and pay our fabulous support staff to help you guys when you run into issues. … Continue reading “Avoid Free Minecraft Server Hosting Scams”

Minecraft 1.8: Ending the Era of Blocks

Photo Source: Media.MinecraftForum.net Minecraft 1.8: Ending the Era of Blocks You heard right – Everyone’s favorite pixelated phenomenom is entering a new era. Will this era see the end of blocks as we know them?! Each version features something new, and lately these changes had been mind-racking and game breaking! Introducing… Minecraft rotation arguments! …Wait … Continue reading “Minecraft 1.8: Ending the Era of Blocks”

Celebrate Minecraft Holidays in 2014!

Celebrate Minecraft Holidays in 2014! Celebrate Holidays with your friends from around the globe and transform your server into a place that’s festive and merry. So what’s stopping you? Go an extra mile and add an epic Christmas Tree Schematic, use a festive texture pack, try out the merry resource pack music, add holiday based … Continue reading “Celebrate Minecraft Holidays in 2014!”