Every day we receive inquiries from Minecrafters looking for free servers. At EnviousHost, we simply can’t offer free Minecraft servers. That’s because we have to actually pay for the servers themselves, then pay the utility bills to keep them online, and pay our fabulous support staff to help you guys when you run into issues. It adds up quickly!

The reality is that free Minecraft hosting simply doesn’t exist. It costs a lot of money to buy servers, optimize them for games like Minecraft and then keep them running. In this post, we’ll tell you some of the ways Minecrafters are being duped by companies pretending to offer free hosting.

How “Free” Minecraft Hosts Invade Your Privacy

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There are several “free Minecraft server hosts” out there who require users to provide information about themselves to take advantage of free hosting. The information is personal in nature and is always used for advertising. Often times, the information collected is actually farmed out and sold to third-party companies.

This is a huge invasion of privacy, but by agreeing to the Terms of Service on these sites, Minecrafters are giving these hosts permission to steal this personal information! At EnviousHost, we never require any such surveys nor do we ever share your information with third parties. That’s because we aren’t making our money by selling information about you!

Advertising on Free Minecraft Hosts

Many free hosting providers rely on advertising revenue to keep their lights on. They offer space on their servers to show ads from other companies in exchange for some form of payment. This means that they are constantly interrupting your gameplay with advertisements and possibly causing your server to lag. How frustrating! No one wants that!

Failure to Keep Your Server Secure

When you’re hosting your server with a third-party provider, you need to be able to count on them to keep your server safe from intrusions and attacks. Not only can such a disturbance to your server wreak havoc on your gameplay, but it can also create more serious issues, such as privacy breaches or even malware injections!

Missing Support, Backups & Updates

Managing a server can be tricky. With Minecraft servers, you have to be able to stay up to date with the latest version of the game, keep your plugins up to date and back up your world from time to time to make sure your game isn’t completely lost one day out of the blue. There’s a lot to it! And without the proper Support and guidance, it’s easy for Minecrafters to get overwhelmed or miss important steps altogether. At EnviousHost, we take great pride in our support team’s ability to keep your server rocking!

Can Free Minecraft Servers Limit Gameplay?

Absolutely they can! Not only because unreliable servers can create lag, downtime or even crashes, but because many free servers don’t offer many mods! With EnviousHost, all your favorites are available – mods, mod packs, resource packs, skins and more! Don’t miss out on any of your favorite plugins!

Why Host Minecraft Servers with EnviousHost?

EnviousHost has been hosting Minecraft servers for several years. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide cutting edge technology running on state of the art infrastructure. And if that isn’t enough, our dedicated support team is always quick to help out however they can.

If you’ve been burned by free hosting choices before, don’t fall for it twice. Check out each of our bedrock-solid Minecraft server hosting plans here to get started!

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