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Register Your Domain!

Aside from hosting Minecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Starmade servers, we are now offering domains to those interested. You can actually register right here with EnviousHost!

What is a Domain?

A domain is a unique internet address that you can control and edit as you see fit. In games such as Minecraft, domains function as the website for the server or the specific server name where players can log in to. To learn more about domains, check out this post from our sister company, HostandStore.com: What Is a Domain Name?

Differences Between Domains and Subdomains

While they are almost technically the same, Subdomains are still under a main domain which limits the perks of having a domain yourself. While EnviousHost offers a 1-time free subdomain, players will only get a server name that is built around a specific format. (servername.mcdl.us or servername.mcdl.eu). For more info on this matter, contact our support team.

Why Buy Your Domain from EnviousHost?

If you already have a server with us, connecting your server to your domain requires you to contact the domain provider and may later take up your precious time in signing up and other whatnot. If you decide to buy a Domain at EnviousHost, then all you need to do is contact our support to link your server and domain and voila! Convenient and hassle-free.

If you have ever used one of our services, then you know how friendly and reliable we can be. If you still don’t have a server, then it’s about time you have one. Don’t be envious, Get a server at EnviousHost and experience our powerful servers, hassle-free services, and reliable customer support.

The only way you can get a domain setup such as “myservername.co.uk” to have it connect to your server instead of using your IP, is to buy a dedicated IP from us first. If you don’t have a dedicated IP you will not be able to connect to your server with a domain name.

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