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Minecraft Blocks Guide

The core feature of Minecraft is to mine blocks that can then be used to craft, create, and build. With so many different variations out there, however, it can be difficult to keep track of where to find certain blocks, when you find them, and what you’re able to do with them. To help you … Continue reading “Minecraft Blocks Guide”

TF2 Guide: Medic

In almost every team-based multiplayer game, there are always designated support characters. These characters only have one goal: To make sure their teammates stay alive as long as possible. In Team Fortress 2, the Medic is the bona fide support character, although his primary and melee weapons may indicate otherwise. Here are some basic need-to-knows … Continue reading “TF2 Guide: Medic”

Biggs87x Minecraft Tutorial – How to Build a Fish Tank!

  How to Build a Fish Tank Biggs87x has a great tutorial on building a fish tank. What You Will Need: Quartz Blocks Half Slabs Pillar Quartz (?) Ice Carpet   Find a place for your Fish Tank!   Time to build!   Build a base. Determine how high and build up. Put ice blocks. … Continue reading “Biggs87x Minecraft Tutorial – How to Build a Fish Tank!”