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TF2 Guide: Medic

In almost every team-based multiplayer game, there are always designated support characters. These characters only have one goal: To make sure their teammates stay alive as long as possible. In Team Fortress 2, the Medic is the bona fide support character, although his primary and melee weapons may indicate otherwise. Here are some basic need-to-knows … Continue reading “TF2 Guide: Medic”

Getting Started with Multicraft on EnviousHost

Getting Started with MultiCraft on EnviousHost We created this video to help new users to get familiar with our MultiCraft Control Panel. At EnviousHost, we want to be sure our customers are the happiest Minecrafters out there. If you ever have questions regarding your Minecraft server or our Minecraft server hosting plans, please reach out … Continue reading “Getting Started with Multicraft on EnviousHost”

Our Favorite Custom Maps for Your Minecraft Server

Our Favorite Custom Maps for Your Minecraft Server Continuously spawning in a vanilla-generated map can be boring and sometimes frustrating.  This is why there are thousands of player-crafted maps that aim to improve the overall gameplay while still staying true to the vanilla Minecraft lore. Here we have a list of 3 amazing custom maps … Continue reading “Our Favorite Custom Maps for Your Minecraft Server”