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8 Best Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft is a game easily recognizable by many, both casual and hardcore gamers alike. Its unique Lego-like graphics, often branded as hideous and outdated, stands out like a sore thumb in today’s gaming scene where 720p resolution and 30fps are now considered as “low-end.” You can’t do anything about Minecraft’s silly-yet-charming blocky graphics, but you … Continue reading “8 Best Minecraft Shaders”

Free 30-Day Subscription to Minetrends

Free 30-Day Subscription to Minetrends Monitoring Your Server with Minetrends As a Minecraft hosting company, we understand how Minecraft server owners always have the urge to know what’s happening on their servers. Inclined to this, Envioushost now offers a month free Minetrends subscription to our valued server owners. So What Is Minetrends? Minetrends is a … Continue reading “Free 30-Day Subscription to Minetrends”

Getting Started with Multicraft on EnviousHost

Getting Started with MultiCraft on EnviousHost We created this video to help new users to get familiar with our MultiCraft Control Panel. At EnviousHost, we want to be sure our customers are the happiest Minecrafters out there. If you ever have questions regarding your Minecraft server or our Minecraft server hosting plans, please reach out … Continue reading “Getting Started with Multicraft on EnviousHost”