Free 30-Day Subscription to Minetrends

Monitoring Your Server with Minetrends

As a Minecraft hosting company, we understand how Minecraft server owners always have the urge to know what’s happening on their servers. Inclined to this, Envioushost now offers a month free Minetrends subscription to our valued server owners.

So What Is Minetrends?

Minetrends is a tool used to analyze your server’s traffic, hourly player count, memory usage and more with visually appealing statistics and graphs. Minetrends is both a website and a Bukkit plugin – the plugin is to collect your server data, and the website is there to provide you with clean and interactive display.

As a website, Minetrends features a user-friendly dashboard in which you can see advanced statistics such as graphs on daily player counts, your players’ geolocations/countries, ratio between recurring and new players, and server health stats are just a few of the statistics that you can view in just a click away.

How To Install MineTrends for EnviousHost Minecraft Servers

It’s very simple. Once you get our free 30-day subscription that we offer in EnviousHost, all you need to do is follow these five easy steps.

#1:  Head on to your Minetrends control panel and add your server.

#2:  Once you have successfully added your server into the list, you will then be prompted with a unique server key (save it in case you forgot).

#3:  Download the latest version of Minetrends Bukkit plugin that you can find here.

#4:  Install the plugin to your Minecraft server by uploading it via FTP or you may also use our Bukget option for quick and easy installation.

#5:  Open your server and add your server key to the Minetrends plugin by using the console command “/minetrends key <server_key>

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How Do I Use It?

Once the plugin is installed in your server, using it is even simpler. Head over to your Minetrends panel using any browser and view your server statistics. What’s even more impressive is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Minetrends is programmed to seamlessly work across all devices from laptops, tables, desktops, and phones, all you need is an internet connection and you can monitor your servers with style.

More About Minetrends Plugin

The plugin is basically light and un-configurable, as it basically just get the data from your server and send it to their website interface. But don’t worry! All data sent from your server to theirs are encrypted so it is both safe and secure.

If you would like to know more about the Minetrends plugin, you can look at the source on Github, or contact the plugin’s staff for further questions about the plugin.

Plugin Commands

As it is only a light plugin, there are only three commands which you need to know.

  • /minetrends – Shows help page.
  • /minetrends reload – Reloads the configuration file.
  • /minetrends key <SERVER KEY> – Add your server key

Many more things are sure to come so enjoy our 30-day free trial and try it for your self.

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