If you continue to browse, comment on or otherwise interact with this website, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use. These terms are binding. In addition, these terms, along with our Privacy Policy, govern the relationship between EnviousHost and everyone with whom we interact online, no matter the capacity. Please refrain from using this website or subscribing to any of our services if you disagree with or refuse to comply with these terms as they are outlined. Throughout the remainder of these terms, the terms “EnviousHost,” “us” or “we” refer specifically to the individuals in charge of managing this website, its marketing efforts and the fulfillment of its services. The terms “you,” “your” or anything similar refer to the website’s audience, customers and others with whom we may interact online. The terms mentioned above are outlined below.

The Use of This Website is Subject to the Following

Data Loss
We work hard to provide the most reliable game hosting service and take pride in the quality of service we provide. That starts with us using some of the most reliable servers on the market. However, even the best servers will have the occasional hiccup. We do offer additional backup support for a small fee but outside of these paid backups, all data maintenance is the responsibility of the consumer. We cannot be held responsible for any data loss.

Should a circumstance arise in which a monetary refund is deemed the appropriate resolution, refunds will be provided within 48-72 hours after the initial purchase is made. When a service is terminated, the service will run through the due date of the next “due” invoice and the amount previously paid in will not be refunded unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. All quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments made are not eligible for refund once the refund guarantee has been passed. Payments made for dedicated servers or services provided specifically for dedicated servers are not eligible for refund.

Overdue Accounts
In the event of a customer failing to pay his/her invoice by the due date, the account will become suspended. The customer will be notified in this instance. File backups can be provided upon request for a small fee. If the customer does not respond within 7 days, services will be terminated. At the point of termination, all files are removed and will not be able to be retrieved.

Many of the services we provide are provisioned automatically. In any instance where this is not the case, the product/service will be setup within 24 hours. Should any product/service ever take longer than 24 hours to complete, the customer should notify us by using our site’s LiveChat feature or submitting a ticket in his/her Client Area with a corresponding order number.

We configure our gaming servers to abide by “fair-share” usage. Since there are always going to be several clients on a node (with the obvious exception being our dedicated server clients), it is important to us to set these fair usage limits to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the best possible gameplay. In the event that your server does create issues that impact other servers on the node, then your server will be suspended. We will notify you if this happens, and in that notification you will be asked to make the necessary changes to prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

In the event that your server, which is hosted on a shared node, begins to utilize too many resources, we reserve the right shut down your server. Your service will not resume until you have resolved the issue that led to the resource drain. We will take action to correct any and all cases of abuse and we are constantly monitoring for signs that such abuse is taking place. We also reserve the right to impose reactivation fees against accounts that are suspended or shut down because of abuse. Depending on the nature and/or severity of the abuse in question, accounts may be terminated with no option to recover prior payment or retrieve backups from the account.

EnviousHost is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our customers and our team members alike. We refuse the right to discontinue all services of users who are found to be harassing any other players or members of our team.

EnviousHost does reserve the right to establish pricing levels based on the costs we incur to provide the services we offer. The prices listed on the site are subject to change at any point. Client accounts may be subject to pricing adjustments as well, but only after the client has been notified and has agreed to the new offering. If no agreement can be reached, clients may be “grandfathered” in at old rate but we do reserve the right to cancel service if the discrepancy is too large to overcome.

Affiliate Program
We open our affiliate program to the public at large, regardless of whether an individual is a paying EnviousHost customer. Please see our Affiliates page for more information about our program and our payout system.

Illegal Activity
Any illegal files or activity found on servers we host will result in the immediate termination of services. We also have a firm policy of cooperating with any and all law enforcement agencies with proper jurisdiction to combat an issue. If you have questions about our policies or think you may have discovered something that should be reported, please contact us by emailing abuse@envioushost.com. We ask for these requests to be handled by email to ensure proper documentation of all communication regarding these issues. We refuse to entertain questions about this by phone because it creates a certain liability for us and, potentially, our client base.

All cancellation requests must be made at least 1 day before the next invoice due date on the service account. Dedicated servers are the lone exception to this policy, as they do require a cancellation request to be made at least 7 days before the next invoice due date.

EnviousHost does diligently adhere to the policies included in this page. We reserve the right to enforce each and every policy listed here in the manner we deem most appropriate, as well as the right to alter these policies when amendments are necessary. As stated above, these terms are binding.

If you require more information about anything in these terms, please contact our support team.