3 Awesome Minecraft 1.8 Mods for Role Playing

Minecraft Story Mode is here! But why stop there?

Why not create your very own role playing adventure directly inside Minecraft?

Today, we’re going to feature 3 awesome Minecraft 1.8 mods for role playing. These mods are best paired with your favourite other immersive mods.

Disclaimer: We hold no right nor take credit to the mods below.

Better PvP Mod

Better PvP Mod by Xaero96 is an all in one mod that adds a whole bunch of useful features that are helpful for PvP and PvE survival/ hardcore.

Better PvP mod adds the following features:

  • A fully customizable GUI interface system that includes a mini-map, an armor status, weapon and item durability, ammo count, potion status, and more.
  • Keybinds to make your game convenient and even more competitive.
  • An action bar system that is inspired by many RPG and MMO games
  • Enemy health bar and status screen
  • Useful toggles
  • On screen notifications

The mini map works above and under the ground (cave display), and features toggle-able chunk grid and slime mode.

If you are familiar with Rei’s or Zen’s Mini Map then you’ll find yourself at home with this one as well. The map can also display entities as well direction, and can be used to place way points which can be teleported to if you have the necessary permissions to do so.

In addition, the mini map will also display the last known location where the user died.


The GUI will also display equipped enchantments along with other useful information such as durability and arrow count. The action bar for key bind allows you to use items without switching your main hand (i.e. placing torches while holding a sword).

The game also features optional toggles like sprint key and sneak key. And just like old-school role playing games, this mod also adds on-screen notification for low HP, low hunger, danger of explosion, drowning, being shot by arrow, and a whole lot more.

The whole mod is fully customizable as you can edit your screen or disable/ enable features. The UI can also be re-arranged as you see fit.

So if you’re looking for a great RPG experience for your survival gameplay or looking to turn your world into an MMO, this mod is a good place to start.

Custom NPCs

The ultimate NPC mod is one that we have featured over and over again.

Custom NPCs by Noppe’s is an Admin/ NPC tool that allows players to create NPCs, quests, items, and almost anything you can imagine for a role playing game.

What’s a role playing game without quests right? Custom NPCs feature:

  • Customizable NPC
  • NPC creation tool
  • NPC pathing and AI tool
  • A whole bunch of custom Item
  • A whole bunch of custom blocks
  • Various player models
  • Various player skins
  • Questing system
  • Roles, Dialogues, Trades and other NPC interaction


Custom NPC mod is the ultimate NPC tool suited for those who know how to use it.

But if you’re playing alone and don’t want to create your own quest, then I suggest getting the popular Minecraft Comes Alive as an alternative for single player game, or just get both!

NPCs created with this mod can have a role like a follower, a merchant, a quest giver, guards, or enemy mobs!

You can also add custom dialogues, paths, and even change their fighting AI! If you plan on making a massive MMORPG-like server, this mod is definitely a necessity.


Created by Greg_Ewing, ArchitectureCraft is a new mod based around the mod Greg’s Blocks.

This is a construction/ block mod that features:

  • Sloped blocks for roofs
  • Corner blocks
  • Arches
  • Rounded structures
  • Frames
  • Added tools and a saw bench

Minecraft is a wonderful building game and this mod adds more spice to it.

ArchitectureCraft adds tools and a saw bench that can convert vanilla block into sloped block of various shapes and sizes. With this mod installed you can now create proper arches and roofs without being lore unfriendly.

The hammer can rotate blocks while the chisel can alter its design. The mod itself is similar to Carpenter’s blocks, but features a more lore-friendly approach and nicer models. ArchitectureCraft is a perfect addition to the two mods mentioned above.

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