Minecraft seeds are an awesome way to improve your gaming experience offering a wide range of environments and landscapes to conquer as your own. Some seeds are better than others, so maybe you don’t want to pick just any seed. Maybe you want the best, so here are four Minecraft seeds you don’t want to miss.


  1. Seed: – 2079592986: This seed features savannahs, plains, and desert biomes that have ten desert temples and nine villages with a spawn point right next to one of these villages. Within each temple, you’ll find a chest full of valuable goods to get you started on your journey, along with many spectacular adventures that await you as you venture further into the abyss.
  2. Seed: – 293224826722673 Featuring plains, forest, and desert biomes this unique seed has something for everyone. When you start out you’ll see something right off that tends to be rather rare within the Minecraft universe which is the site of three villages all within a distance of each other. If that doesn’t have you excited, the real treasures lie within the desert temples – three golden apples, one iron horse armour, three emeralds, and nine gold ingots!
  3. Seed: 427874431641533422 This is another great seed that features a woodland mansion that’s right next to a village and a blacksmith. Upon entering the blacksmith, several treasures await you that include one horse saddle and five diamonds to get you started on your adventure. If this seed wasn’t impressive enough the woodland mansion has several treasures for you as well such as one diamond chest plate and one diamond hoe.
  4. Seed: 1659445138144212645 Lastly, we have a wonderful seed that features a small island.  This island includes all biome types, with one small village on one of the desert village beaches. One side of this particular island is covered in mushrooms, and the other side is an open desert that parallels the water. To the north of the island, you’ll find a savanna biome. To the south, you’ll run into a beautiful mesa plateau. If you’re looking for the best of all worlds located on one small island, try this seed.


These are four of the best Minecraft seeds that are guaranteed to spice up your Minecraft adventures along the way. Seeds are a nice feature of Minecraft, and these four seeds can help you to get the best possible experience.  Enjoy!

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