In Minecraft, there are both client side and server side mods.  Some can even operate as either or both. Mods that typically have custom menus, maps, have chat-only commands or tweaks that enhance gameplay are typically client side mods.  Below are several new client side mods for Minecraft:


WorldEditCUI ModImage by Mumfrey

This is a client-side interface for the WorldEdit Mod. Basically this was developed and designed to work alongside the WorldEdit mod. It also has prevent errors. This mod helps you to create massive structures.The WorldEditCUI client base mod allows you to construct structures faster. It can be challenging at times but it really helps you to design really cool and large structures.


Auto Refresh ModImage by SOSDDxGaming

This mod actually automatically refreshes your server and will sound an alert you when selected servers come online. Delays in refreshing can be adjusted. This is a pretty resourceful client side mode to have.


Tails Mod

Image by Kihira

This mod is mostly a client side mode with options to use as a server mod. The tails mod allows you to add various tails to different subtypes in the game. Each tail is able to be customized to style and color. Some of the types of tails include: 9 tails, raccoon tail, demon tail and fox tail. Although this mod doesn’t have enhance the game in a significant way, it is fun to see tails on people. This mod is similar to adding capes.


Gravelminer ModImage by Moon

This mod works both on the client side and the server side. The Gravel Mining mod really enhances your mining capabilities in Minecraft and gravel collecting. Although this mod does work on both sides, it’s worth mentioning that it seems to work better on the server side. However, any mod that works on both sides is a plus. If you enjoy mining this is a good mod for you to try.


Optifine HD mod Image by sp614x

Overall this mod enhances graphics, textures, visual weather like fog, and other visual aspects of the game leaving it looking crisper, clear and more realistic. Optifine is a nice client based mod that gives you great HD imaging that will truly enhance your experience.


Final Thoughts

With so many client side mods and even server mods enhancing Minecraft, you  never have to become bored with the game. Minecraft has an infinite number of possibilities, which is why it is one of the most loved games in the gaming world. We hope that you enjoyed this blog article!  If you have any comments, questions, or want to mention of any other new client side mods, feel free to leave us a comment. Game On!


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