5 Popular Minecraft Mini Games You Must Try with Friends

Everyone knows that doing the things you love is better when you do them with friends, right? Well why should Minecraft be any different?! Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite Minecraft Mini Games that you absolutely must try with your friends. Let’s get started!

5.  Quakecraft

If you’ve ever played Quakecraft before, you probably noticed that this is a fast-paced mini game! The action just keeps coming, which makes for some really exciting gameplay. This is awesome when you’re playing with friends – especially when you get to hear a funny reaction to something unexpected! Quakecraft was inspired by a gamemode in the Quake series and we think that this mini game will leave you shaking for more!

4.  The Blocking Dead

With Halloween right around the corner, it was only fitting that we include the Blocking Dead in our list. In this exciting mini game, players are chased by zombies as they move about exploring chests while waiting for help to arrive. A lot of people say that it’s easier to survive if you break away from your friends and scatter about to allude these undead predators, but it’s really all about how you want to play the game.


Minecraft Zombie Attack image
Photo Credit to PlanetMinecraft

3.  Hide and Seek

Nearly everyone plays hide and seek as a child. It’s great! The thrill of hiding from your friends and then being chased around trying not to be named “it” yourself – who doesn’t love that?! Well now, Hide and Seek is back in a whole new way! This sweet mini game will allow you to play Hide and Seek on a special map (that you and your friends can vote on!) with all your favorite people around the world! And this time, you get to ward off your potential “seekers” with a wooden sword. What could go wrong?

2.  Cops and Robbers

Have you ever wished you could throw your friends in jail? Well with Cops and Robbers, you can! In this mini game, cops have the authority to let their prisoners come and go from their cells and can also issue commands to them. As a general rule of thumb, prisoners, for the most part, obey the cops’ orders…usually. However, the prisoners are also constantly trying to escape! This certainly adds a new element to the gameplay! Remember, there’s no need for prisoners to break any blocks, are there are already hidden paths that will lead to freedom!

1.  Trouble in Mineville

One of the coolest things we see with online games is when different games cross paths. We love seeing Minecraft appear in other games but we also love seeing elements of other games popping up in Minecraft!

Trouble in Mineville is a MC take on the popular Garry’s Mod game, Trouble in Terrorist Town. The game starts with a player taking 60 seconds to find a weapon and prepare for what’s to come. Then the player is assigned a role: innocent, traitor or detective. What comes next? Well we’d recommend playing for yourself to find out!

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