There are so many amazing mods out there for Minecraft, it was hard to choose just five of the top trending. However, these five mods have been quite popular lately and are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen them yet.

1. FTB Infinity Evolved

This mod was originally called Feed The Beast Infinity (FTB Infinity) in October 2015 it was updated and renamed FTB Infinity Evolved. It features over 150 mods for players who want to enjoy different styles of playing Minecraft. In October 2015 they updated it with several tweaks including two new ways to play the game a normal level and an expert level. This is a great mod-pack for anyone to experience.

2. Twilight Forest

This fun and engaging mod transports you to a dark, beautiful forest filled with mystery and creatures. Beware though, not all things here are friendly. The Twilight Forest mod is densely packed with trees, has several guarded dungeons and even fireflies! You may even run into a deer or two! Also, glow stone grows naturally here. If you are looking for a fun new world, this is it!

3. Biomes O’ Plenty

The name gives it away. Essentially this is a wondrous pack of new biomes waiting to be discovered. Biomes O’ Plenty gives you 50+ new biomes from your already existing 40 biomes that comes with Minecraft PC. Giving 90+ biomes to explore. Not all of the items are new but many have been created in new ways. You will find bogs, lakes, rock cliffs and even brushlands all waiting to be discovered by you. If you are in need of unmarked territory to explore, this is the mod for you!

4. Sky Factory

Building in the sky has never been more fun. You start in the sky with one single tree and one of block of dirt. You then have to build your own sky world with platforms and trees without dying first. Overall this is a really fun mod that gives you creativity. You can play it alone or with friends.

5. Minecraft Comes Alive

This unique mod transports you to a village where you can interact with villagers in ways you never have. You build relationships with them or you can fight with them. You can even choose to marry a villager and have children. Your children can then do chores and interact with you as well. This is just a unique way to play Minecraft. Sometimes, when you play Minecraft alone, it can get really lonely. If you want a little more interaction with people you meet along the way, Minecraft Comes Alive might be a great mod to start.

Final Thoughts

There are so many mods for Minecraft. These 5 are trending right now. However, everyday new mods are being made to make your Minecraft experience even better. If you know of any mods you would like to see more information on, or you have a favorite mod, please feel free to comment below. We love to hear your feedback!

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