6 Mini-Game Plugins Your Server Needs

What makes servers fun to play on is the number of players you can play it with, and the variety of mini games you can play on it. At most, Craftbukkit-type servers hold the advantage of using plugins which modifies the game and makes it more fun. Of course, from the myriad of plugins, big mini game titles like Spleef Arena and Survival Games will always stand out.

In case you miss some hidden gems among the ocean of plugins that are out there, check out our list of 6 Mini Game plugins you should definitely add to your server.

Disclaimer: We don’t own or take credit on any of the plugins listed below; the list is not sorted or ranked in any way.

1.  Temple Run Reloaded

Minecraft Temple Run image

Although it has the title of the famous mobile game, Temple Run Reloaded is more similar to a Parkour course which have existed in the Minecraft mini-game world for quite some time. However, given that this plugin is lightweight, easy to control, easy to use, and easy to configure, it’s one plugin you shouldn’t miss.

The game mechanics is very simple and to create it is even simpler. To create the game, all you need to do is build your own Parkour course and add a diamond block on the end of the line. To play it, just follow the Parkour course and try to collect (or pass over) as much gold blocks as possible – without falling in the water, while trying to reach the diamond block located in the end of the line. Some special blocks give speed boosts and super jumps, while others push the player back or make them go back from the start.

2.  Call of Duty Warfare

Addicted to that adrenaline rush you get while playing Call of Duty Game? COD Warfare is a work in progress plugin that features custom spawns, custom maps, custom guns (well different bows for now), custom shops, and many more. Similar to the real COD, this plugin will pit down 2 teams equipped with different guns until only one team remains. Prior to starting, players can choose on which map to play, buy weapons, and more similar to other team death match plugins. However, with this plugin, you can have the same thrilling action as the original COD… well to be more specific… Campers are more likely to win! 😉

3.  The Walls Minigame

Minecraft Walls Mini Game image

Ever wanted to play Hypixel’s “Walls” Mini-game in your server while still keeping your original world? Tired of having to reset the entire map after a round of playing? Then this plugin is for you! The Walls Minigame plugin allows servers to play the “Walls” game without the use of Redstone. This plugin features fully automated walls, chest restock, block regeneration, proper player teaming, and more.

And for those of you who don’t know a thing about this famous mini game, its mechanics is simple:  A group of players will be separated into teams (ideally 2 or four), where they will be separated by gigantic walls. Each team will be given an ample amount of time to build and prepare whatever they can think of on their side to assist them in defending themselves or attacking the other team. Basically, this mini game is more creative, time consuming, and fun type of death match where team work and creativity is as important as good equipment.

4.  BlockHunt

The BlockHunt plugin features an innovative way to play hide and seek, as the seeker should find all hidden players who are dressed and disguised as blocks. This lightweight plugin can also be configured or used as is without problem. All one has to do is select a place to play (arena) and start the game.
For more advance usage, the plugin also features shops, configurable blocks, multiple arenas, commands on win, and many more. BlockHunt is an ideal mini game plugin that will suit almost any server type.

5.  Quake

Are you in for some serious FPS action in Minecraft? Well ready your hoe (yeah, a diamond one) for a Quake-based plugin is here! Unlike other death match games, in quake, you will only be equipped with one weapon called RailGun – which is actually a diamond hoe. When right-clicked, this RailGun will shoot a bunch of particles and fireworks straight into an opponent player and causes a huge explosion on to the targeted player to kill them. The first players to score 25 kills; wins the game. RailGuns can be upgraded in the shops to have higher specs. The mini game itself features multiple arenas, an upgrade/shop system, kill counter, and more. Quake is a perfect plugin for PVP servers with modern theme, and for those who love spectacular visual effects.

6.  Build My Thing

Minecraft Build My Thing Mini Game image

Build My Thing is a Craftbukkit plugin that allows players to play the famous mobile game “Draw My Thing” in Minecraft. The game mechanics is pretty simple; there will be two types of players: the builder (only one player) and the non-builders.  If you’re the builder, a word will be shown in your chat and all you have to do is build that thing unlit someone can guess it. Builders will have the ability to fly but are still given limited amount of blocks. If you aren’t the builder, you’re goal is to guess the word to earn points. Points earned in this mini game can be integrated to other plugins and can also be used to create your own room to play Build My Thing.

Add These Mini Games to Your Server!

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