7 Vanilla Minecraft-Enhancing Resource Packs You’ve Gotta Try

We have an updated 2017 Vanilla Minecraft Enhancing Resource Packs post!

Minecraft resource packs are always getting better and better. Of course, the classic default server is as deeply embedded in our hearts as it is on our drive, but we’ve found a way to make it even better! In this post we’re going to show you 7 awesome resource packs that won’t change anything in the Vanilla default, but rather add more elements that make the game even cooler to play. Remember, some of the packs in our list require either Optifine or MCPatcher for them to work properly because they contain advanced texture features.

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Disclaimer: We do not own nor take credit for developing any of the packs listed below. All the credit goes to the amazing teams and individuals who spent their time and resources to create these packs.

1.  Clouds Pack

Clouds Pack can be used to make Minecraft’s sky appear more realistically. Created by Kyle178965, this resource pack is designed to only impact the plain blue Minecraft sky box and replace it with high quality pictures of more realistic clouds. This resource pack brings the sky cycle to life, displaying vivid, changing colors during sunrise and sunset. The night sky becomes both creepy and majestic. The are just so many new things to enjoy! The best thing about Clouds Pack is that it only effects the sky box, so you can use it on top of any other resource packs you may have and most of them will be 100% compatible. You just need to make sure you have Optifine installed to fully enjoy this pack’s advanced features.

2.  Custom Sky and Clear Water

Custom Sky and Clear Water is another beautiful add-on pack. This one was created by JerenVidsPC. Unlike Clouds Pack, Custom Sky and Clear Water changes Minecraft’s normal sky to a sparsely cloudy and semi-pixelated sky. That means it’s best to turn off Minecraft’s standard blocky cloud. It also changes regular (boring!) blue water to something crystal clear and majestic – making underwater builds much easier! This pack can be used over other packs as long as those are packs change the same things. It does require Optifine to work, and render distance should be set to 8 or higher for optimal viewing. We also recommend Custom Sky – Space Edition for creating romantic nights perfect for your next Minecraft date!

3.  Custom Sky – Space Edition

Also from JerenVidsPC, Custom Sky- Space Edition can be used to change the plain blue default sky box into something far more exciting. Create gorgeous, space-themed textures that rotate around the clock. There are “daytime and nighttime” and “nighttime only” versions of this resource pack. Custom Sky – Space Edition does require either Optifine or MCPatcher to be viewed properly.

4.  Vader’s Alternative Block Pack

Minecraft Vader's Alternative Block Pack flowers image

Vader’s Alternative Block Pack, created by Vaderman242322, this pack adds over 100 new textures to the existing Vanilla pack. By using this pack, you will start to see all new things in Minecraft, like flowers that look different and bookshelves with different books.

Vader’s Alternative Block Pack adds a new level of variation and randomness to Minecraftia that breaks through the monotony of default textures. This pack can make your world more beautiful! This pack does utilize features of Minecraft 1.8 that add the random texture selection to blocks other than mobs. Other than that, you may notice a few small tweaks to the default pack just to help make Vader’s Pack fit better.

5.  Naturus: Better Nature

Created by Maximus12, Naturus: Better Nature is was designed to improve Minecraft’s atmosphere and natural ambiance by adding customized models, atmospheric sounds, shadowing, more realistic clouds, dynamic lighting and more! Naturus: Better Nature may be a resource pack, but the impact is more like a mod. It improves Vanilla Minecraft tremendously in ways that no other pack has. The simplest way to describe Naturus is to say that it is the resource pack version of 3 popular mods: GLSL Shader’s Mod, Better Foliage Mod and MATmos Mod. Naturus does require Optifine or MCPatcher to work, but the results are well worth it! This pack will add shadows, colored lights, protruding grass on nearly every grass block, darker nights, creepier caves, ambient birdsongs, realistic thunder, rounded logs, realistic clouds, roots on lily pads and more and more and more! It is a real must-see!

6.  Dramatic Skys

Minecraft Dramatic Skyes clouds image
If you have a hard time keeping your eyes off the beautiful sky, then you have to try thebaum64‘s awesome resource pack, Dramatic Skys. Dramatic Skys was created very recently but it’s already gaining a lot of attention in the Minecraft community. That’s because has a dramatic, striking impact on the way the sky box appears in Minecraftia. This pack features realistic textures with fantasy-themed suns, moons, stars and everything else that may pass through the sky. And the it also has some sunsets and sunrises that you will have to see to believe!

7.  Custom GUIs

Minecraft Custom GUIs image

Custom GUIs, also by JerenVidsPC is a resource pack that changes the simple GUI into a new one of your choice. As of the time this post is being published, the author has 2 GUI options you can choose from. The first is a space-like, abstract GUI and other is a sweet, transparent GUI. He has confirmed that more are coming soon! Custom GUIs covers inventory menus, crafting table UIs, enchanting table UIs, anvil UIs and more in both Survival and Creative Modes. The only problem we’ve found with it is that this pack doesn’t offer any mod support.

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