There are a couple of different modes to play in while you are playing Minecraft. Survival mode is one of them. Ultimately, this mode is exactly what it sounds like, surviving. In this mode you need to find resources, build structures, and battle mobs in order to survive. You can thrive or die from aspects in this mode.  It is all about how you use your resources and how you strategize your game play.

Things To Do In Minecraft Survival Mode

Surviving in Minecraft is so much more than not dying. It’s coming up with a game to live. This involves shelter, food and protecting yourself. In order to survive, you have to think about:

  • Managing Hunger: This means you have to come up with a way to have an abundance of food. This can involve raising farm animals, scavenging for food and creating your own garden.
  • Building Shelter: This will be a place where you can keep your pet wolves, garden, store supplies and protect yourself. In order to build a sound structure you will need to collect resources such as trees for wood.
  • Creating Tools or Weapons: In Minecraft when you create tools or weapons it is called ‘crafting’. Typically you will need a crafting table to craft most items. Also you will need to collect various items to create the item you would like to have.
  • Defending Yourself From Hostile Mobs: Mobs are creatures in the game. Some of these creatures are hostile and can hurt or kill you. You can either try your best avoid and run from these mobs or learn how to destroy them. Destroying mobs may need certain weapons.
  • Protecting Yourself From The Environment: Sometimes the environment you are in may not be safe. You can die from falling off cliffs, eating poison plants, not carry water or food with you, sleeping while in some mods like the Nether and even digging in some mines can be dangerous. So stay alert at all times.


Here are more things to know about survival mode:

Player Modes

Survival mode allows you to play single or multiplayer games. This will help you to build skills alone or learn how to survive as a team. Or in a multiplayer game you can work against each other. The options is yours and it allows for much more variety with in the game.


In survival mode death does not have to permenant. You can actually respawn allowing you to start over at your last save point or spawn point.

Night Dangers

In survival mode there are a few dangers when the sun goes down. These dangers are usually hostile mobs that spawn at night such as zombies and skeletons.

There are many other aspects of survival mode such as mining, digging, spawns, cave exploration and other interesting things you will have to survive. Overall survival mode is a fun, interactive mode that can be different every time you play it. So go ahead, explore survival mode. You won’t be bored with this type of game play, that’s for sure. And don’t worry, if you die you can re-spawn and try it all over again!

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