What’s the Best Way to Play Minecraft?

There is simply nothing like playing Minecraft – more especially, on your computer. As you probably know, there are 3 different versions of Minecraft: the computer-based version, Pocket Edition for mobile devices and the Xbox version. Naturally, you might think that we’re a bit biased towards the computer-based version of the game. Of course we are! And this post is to help you understand why. We’re sure that once you learn more about the differences between each version of the game, you’ll see that the computer version is the BEST way to play Minecraft!

Playing with Mods

A major reason to stick with playing Minecraft on a computer is that this is the only version where mods are enabled. Mods can have a seriously huge impact on your gameplay! If you aren’t taking advantage of them, you’re totally missing out!

Building With Your Friends

All versions of Minecraft offer multiplayer options. Pocket Edition actually allows 10 players to join a World at the same time. Xbox allows 4. The computer-based version does only allow up to 8 players using a LAN connection, but that virtually becomes significantly higher when using a server. We offer several Minecraft hosting plans that include Unlimited Slots so you can add all your friends! These plans start at just $20/month.

What Can I Build?

One of our favorite features of playing Minecraft on the computer is that the possibilities become endless. Playing on Xbox can seriously limit your ability to create, but the computer-based version of the game allows you to create Worlds that are virtually infinite! On top of that, the computer-based version also offers more biomes to keep your World even more interesting. If you’re looking to create something truly special, there’s simply no other option but to play Minecraft on a computer.

What About Pocket Edition?

Don’t get us wrong. While we do love the computer-version of the game, Minecraft Pocket Edition is still a blast! The gameplay may be somewhat limited, but it’s still awesome to be able to bring Minecraft with you anywhere you go – which is only made possible with Pocket Edition. In case you weren’t aware, we do offer Pocket Edition hosting from as low as $1/month. Check out our plans!

So Which is Best?

Sure, there are plenty of great things about every version of Minecraft. What can we say? It’s an awesome game! To really get the full experience, though, there’s clearly only one real option. But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve actually set up a free Minecraft server for trials. Check it out and see for yourself!

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    1. There are good things about each version, definitely! We love that with the computer version, a server can open up gameplay to an unlimited amount of players.

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