Building a Minecraft Luxury Valentine’s Day Spa

Recently scientists discovered a strong positive correlation between those who take a strong interest in video games and those who spend Valentine’s Day alone. This may not come as a surprise to you, especially if you’re in both of these groups. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to spend an evening treating yourself. Maybe get some of your favorite foods, put on a bit of music, perhaps even light a candle, and dedicate the night to losing yourself in your ever-growing Minecraft world.

Building a luxury Minecraft spa

One of the most romantic things you can do on Valentines Day, bearing in mind you’re playing inside a 3D procedurally generated world, is to spend the evening in a spa. While Minecraft may just be short of adding an NPC masseuse, there is no shortage of building blocks for detailing a luxury spa to your specifications.

Step 1: Build a base

Start with a nice clean base, 10×10 or more. I like to build my bottom layer with smooth stone or something similar, as I hate the look of grass or dirt as the ground layer as I’m constructing my masterpiece.

Step 2: Construct a lava pool

Stack a 2-block high perimeter of glowstone to give your hot tub some internal light. Then fill the bottom layer of the pool with lava. Make sure that the surface is completely covered with lava to prevent uneven flow, which can kill the vibe.

Step 3: The glass floor

Cover the lava with glass blocks, feeling free to use some artistic license to decorate the layer with pretty blocks such as lapis lazuli. Also build a wood-block layer around the outside using whichever wood you like. Wood is a great material for building a spa as it gives off that hot pools-type feel.

Step 4: Decorate your spa room

Now you have the basis for a hot tub, it’s time to decorate your spa room to your specification. I decided to build two surrounding sauna rooms using lava and iron bars. You could also try building changing rooms and a shower room (using redstone and a sticky piston to make a shower).

Make a seating arrangement next to your hot sauna area, with surface-level water to create steam. The best part about building a sauna using lava and wood is that you won’t have to bother destroying this structure after you get bored — it will surely burn down the second you have your back turned, which is always funny.

Step 5: Enjoy the fruits of your labor

With a fully functional luxury spa at your disposal, you are now free to sit back, relax, and make the most of this romantic night at home, alone, in your 3D procedurally generated hot tub. That is, unless you can find someone to enjoy it with…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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