Our Favorite Minecraft 1.7.5 Seeds

With the overflowing number of potential seeds that Minecraft 1.7 has to offer, getting one that’s right for your taste is as rare as a golden apple. So back by popular demand, we introduce a new list of great Minecraft 1.7.5 seeds for you to explore.

With the introduction of 11 new biomes and over 20 biome variants, Minecraft 1.7’s world generation is a thing to reckon, and so it is called “the update that changed the world” – because as a matter of fact, it did.

To successfully plant these seeds (get it?), load up your Minecraft 1.7.5 and generate these worlds in single player and then upload the chosen world to your server. Or you can also open your server.properties and paste the chosen seed right next to the “level-seed=” line, but remember to use the latest Minecraft 1.7.5 server jar. Now let’s get on to the list.


Discovered by ScarecrowBTE, this seed will spawn in you in a small island with no trees. But that isn’t the thing that makes this seed cool; this seed features tons of animals (livestock), and a couple of small neighboring islands – one of which has 6 trees on it, making it a great introduction to the island survival map genre. There is also a cave in the main land which has a vein of coal exposed to players. This, along with the many livestock, makes this seed a perfect island survival map for newbies and starters of the  genre.


A seed that showcases 1.7.5’s capabilities, this seed features 4 pyramids, 3 villages, and 3 strongholds, all located at a decent perimeter around the spawn. Discovered and explored by JohnnyZero, this seed features almost everything from mineshafts and witch huts, to end portals.


From these you can find some valuable loots including 2 story books and high-level enchantment books. And in case you’re not up for exploration, you can always settle down near the three villages and perhaps make an overlooking house on top of one of its gorgeous mountains. Overall, this is a great seed for survival singleplayer and multiplayer. If you want the full coordinates of the map, head on to the original forum thread, here.


Got overwhelmed by the last seed? Well, take it nice and easy with this lovely village seed discovered by Rsiku. This awesome seed will spawn you right in the middle of a peaceful village filled with animals, and bordered by roofed forests. Near the village are some epic looking mountains that bring a country side feel to the entire map. Right next to the village are wide hills and landscapes that are perfect for starting up your home. Along the other side of the village is nice scenery that completes its overall peaceful look. In my opinion, this seed is definitely worth settling in.


This is another feature-heavy seed that showcases 1.7.5’s world generation. The difference is: this one is a bit more subtle and wide. Discovered and explored by username Dragtom, this seed features a large mushroom biome a hundred blocks away from spawn. The seed also features some sunken temples right next to a village (with a blacksmith), some easily accessible mineshafts and number dungeons with awesome treasures, a peaceful plain village with yet another blacksmith and carrot farm, some more temples and pyramids, and a lot more. This seed creates a world with widely separated biomes, and monsters spawners that are close to each other suited for multiplayer servers and the adventurous individuals.


Discovered by LinkMasterTime, this seed will spawn you just outside and old oak forest near the outskirts of a large village. The village is surrounded by a ravine and a river. Beyond the river is a tall mountain with flat surfaces in the middle and on top, great for constructing castles and mansions that overlook the village. Beyond the ravine is a roofed forest biome which constantly spawns monsters, and beyond the village is a great plain for all your village expansion needs. This seed has a great potential for building castle structures and walls – perfect for small multiplayer servers.


Our last feature seed is one discovered by IDeactivateMC. This wonderful seed is great both for single player and multiplayer as it features one of the most beautiful savanna plateaus I have ever seen in Minecraft. This seed will spawn you in a large (and I mean LARGE) desert in which you will find a temple right on its edge. Going north-west from the spawn is another temple located near a desert well. This is a large desert biome that goes way beyond your field of view – a great place for desert nomads. Beyond the magnificent savanna plateau is a small savanna village with caves underneath it. The small plateau just outside the village also has a magnificent cave which gives it a jaw-dropping look. With the great building potential of the village, magical looking savanna plateau, and vast mysterious desert, I would say that this seed is more than worth a look.

EnviousHost (?!)

But wait! There’s more… You read it right! As a bonus 1.7 seed, we tried to place “EnviousHost” on the seed generation, and it turns out quite alright. This seed features a wide biome that’s great for building large structures, some humongous mountains that separates two large scaled plains, a witch hut in the midst of a spooky swamp, and a temple on the far desert. Not only that, the mountain next to spawn hides a massive forking ravine with a mineshaft inside. This seed, featuring its massive and well-spaced biomes, is ideal for a multiplayer severs that like to create, build, and expand.

Try Them for Yourself!

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