MCPE Is Best-Selling iPhone Game App in Canada

The Brandon Sun has named Minecraft Pocket Edition as the top paid iPhone app in Canada from November 30 to December 6. It beat other popular games such as Heads Up!, Geometry Dash, Bloons TD 5, and even its own cousin Minecraft: Story Mode (which is developed by Telltale Inc.).

This is particularly good news for Minecraft fans who want to see it triumph over other games or simply would like to introduce more people to the sandbox video game.

However, Minecraft Pocket Edition‘s high ranking isn’t really surprising since it’s been consistently in the top ten ever since it was released. It ranked number two in Canada during the week ending March 22, surpassed only by Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. The week after that, the two games switched places with Five Nights at second place, and Minecraft Pocket Edition in the first place.

Even Minecraft developer Mojang seems to be overwhelmed and elated by the Pocket Edition’s success. In January 2015, the company revealed that the game app had been downloaded more than 30 million times. Considering that almost a year has passed since then, it’s safe to assume that this number has already increased.

Why Is the Minecraft Pocket Edition So Popular?

Many people wonder the same thing, but the answer isn’t really hard to guess.

One of the biggest reasons why Minecraft Pocket Edition has become huge is that it follows almost the same type of gameplay as the desktop and console version. Gamers can still choose between Creative and Survival modes, create their own skin, and gather resources. Of course, they’ll have the opportunity to let their imaginations run loose and build wonderful and fantastical structures that they used to see only in their dreams.

The best part about the Minecraft Pocket Edition is it’s literally a pocket edition! Gamers only have to whip their iPhones out of their pockets and tap a few buttons to enter the Minecraft world. Whether they’re at home, in the office, riding the bus, waiting for the train, or sitting on the toilet, they can work on their creations and entertain themselves.

One cool thing about the game app is that the developers pay a lot of attention to it. Sure, it’s not as advanced as its PC variant and doesn’t have all the features and tools that desktop gamers can enjoy. However, Mojang continues to improve on the game and strives to enhance the users’ gaming experience by releasing exciting updates as often as they could. In fact, in 2015, they added a load of new features that many players have trouble keeping up with what’s what.

What Are These New Updates?

One of the biggest updates that rocked the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition players is the addition of redstone circuits. Those who play the PC or console editions know just how important these items are, which are used in powering various mechanisms like lighting fixtures and elevators.

The redstones that were recently added to the Pocket Edition were only basic ones, like wires, producers (like tripwire hooks and daylight sensors), and redstone consumers (including trapdoors and TNT). However, these are already huge milestones for Pocket Edition fans, who had to go for years without these important materials at hand.

Mojang promises that advanced redstone circuits will soon be added to  Minecraft Pocket Edition, so players can expect to see pistons and other high-end items a few months from now.

Gamers can now also do a lot of things in their boat.

  • They can take their dog out for a boat ride and just enjoy the scenery.
  • They can also go fishing and cook their catch when they reach the shore or give it to a friend.
  • If they’re in a particularly bad mood that day, they can throw objects at mobs and antagonize them.

They can also go on a wide range of adventures.

  • Animal lovers can tame ocelots and build a cat ranch, while aspiring chemists can head off to the brewing stations where they can make their own potions.
  • Brave and fearless gamers, meanwhile, can go on a trip to the Nether and see what the underworld has to offer.

Of course, if players aren’t feeling so adventurous, they can just go local and experience the wonderful new additions that Mojang has prepared.

  • They can enhance their creations with decorative stones or experiment with anvils and enchantments.
  • They can also look for bunnies and admire their cuteness while trying to stop them from eating crops.
  • If they’re up for some gross graphics, they may also want to try feeding zombie flesh to their dog (and try not to barf in the process).

Whatever they choose to do, though, players have to be careful since Mojang has thrown in some new enemies! Spider jockeys, Wither Skeletons, Cave Spiders, Baby Zombies — these are just some of the things that gamers have to look out for.

Final Note

Minecraft Pocket Edition has proven itself to be a great addition to the Minecraft world and a great game app for those who’d like to keep on building with colorful blocks without lugging a huge computer around.

Those who already have it in their iPhones can get the updates for free, while those who don’t, can buy it at the iStore for $6.99.

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