Minecraft Pocket Edition: Endless Possibilities

Alas! The Much Awaited Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update 0.9.0 Is Now Coming On Our Pockets! This update brings Minecraft: Pocket Edition closer to its PC brethren, as it features big changes that will revolutionize your pocket gaming experience. Unfortunately, the current snapshot is only available for android devices, but fret not. The official update release is soon to follow on all devices – after they have squished all the major bugs of course.

Prepare To Be Amazed

The so-called “biggest update ever” for Minecraft Pocket Edition features not only new content but also some big changes that seem almost unrealistic for a mobile device game. Admit it, one of the most annoying things about MC: PE is the fact that you’re trapped inside an aquarium – limited by invisible walls. Well, for the coming update, this “aquarium” will be no more as one of the changes, and perhaps one that is most anticipated, is the infinite world generation feature which allows the players to roam around the infinite world of Minecraftia on their pocket device.

Of course the infinitely vast world will also include new biomes such as roofed forests, redwood taigas, mesa, the rare mushroom island, and a lot more which also give way to twenty new blocks and five new mobs including the Endermen and Silverfish.

In addition to all that awesomeness, singleplayer players will now feel happy with the new village and villagers (that looks different with their arms on their sides) that will spawn throughout the world. They also tweaked and optimize falling mechanics of sand and gravel, and added some new cloud algorithm and some more technical stuff that we best not know! It’s practically Minecraft PC in your pocket! For the complete list of new content, head on to the official Minecraft forums.

Create A World In Your Pocket

Minecraft Pocket Edition server blog image

This update will greatly and infinitely improve the Minecraft: Pocket Edition experience, which we all know players already love. But if you haven’t got one yet, now is the perfect time (and perfect excuse) to do so. So go ahead and break that piggy bank (or ask your parents repeatedly) and buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android and iOS app stores.

Infinite World Requires Infinite Friends

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