Who doesn’t like new items in Minecraft? This mod adds new ion items to the game that are more durable and efficient. This mod brings the game to a whole new level of play with finding new items that work better than most!

About Ion Items

This mod adds ion based items to the game. These items are very useful and helpful within the game. These ion items are difficult to find while playing, however, they are well worth the effort of looking for them. Ion items are  considered even stronger and more effective than diamond items,so you know that means they are extremely useful to have.

Mod Features

  • Ion Sword: This sword does 10 damage per hit/strike.
  • Ion Axe: Allows you to cut trees much faster.
  • Ion Shovel: This shovel is more durable than the diamond shovel.
  • Ion: Diamond: This is made from 4 diamonds.
  • Ion Pickaxe: This will allow you to mine things much quicker.
  • Obsidian Sticks: This is need for ion tools. It is made out of 2 obsidian blocks.
  • Every Ion item can be enhanced for increased performances.
  • Every item is made to be faster and more durable.

Required For Mod

  • Requires Minecraft 1.10 or up. There is no version below 1.10.

How To Install

  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the latest version of Ion Items mod
  • Put the .jar file into mods folder for your Minecraft Installations
  • Enjoy the new mod!

Ion Items is a really great mod to have, as it gives you new items for fighting and new tools to use within the game. I think that in itself is worth it. If you have any comments or questions regarding this mod, please leave us your comments.

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