MS Minecraft? Mojang Closes Acquisition Deal with Microsoft

MS Minecraft? Mojang Closes Acquisition Deal with Microsoft

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Mojang Now Owned by Microsoft

Bought at a whooping 2.5 Billion US dollars, Mojang made a deal to Microsoft that includes the right on all Mojang-made games such as scrolls and Minecraft. Although this humongous change is a bit scary, they promised it to be okay. Along with this sudden news, comes questions which have been answered by the staff of Mojang themselves. You can also read the complete blog post on the official Mojang site.

How Will This Affect Minecrafters?

In general, I would say that this won’t affect casual gamers. But for those of us who are in to deep with the community, I’m just hoping that our bond will remain strong. For those players who are worried what will happen to our favorite sandbox game, just imagine this: Minecraft is a homeless, parent-less, yet talented kid with lots of potential, and he has just been adopted by a rich, multimillionaire family — Not so bad right?

Will We Be Seeing “MS Minecraft” soon?

It doesn’t sound so bad in my opinion, but they really don’t need to do that.

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So What Comes Next for Minecraft?

Wherever Mojang will lead Minecraft, always remember that EnviousHost is right here for you. We will continue to offer premier Minecraft server hosting at a very reasonable rate.

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