Minecraft is an excellent game that consists of building, action and exploration. However, what do you do when you get bored of exploring the same old areas? Boredom has opened up the world of all types of fabulous mods that will enhance your game play and open the realms to exploration. This mod of the month is extremely awesome if you are looking for a new way to explore and play. Floating Ruins is the mod where the sky really is the limit!

About Floating Ruins

This mod allows you to create your own floating island, so to speak. The ruins are taken from the ground and let you have additional smaller ruins around it. This is a unique way to bring you exploration and creativity to the sky. The floating ruin is based on biome choice, shape and spawner choices to give you a unique experience overall. Each floating ruin is awesome in design and has its own style and shape.

The unique feature about this mod is that it uses whatever biome you are in, the surroundings and the mobs to expand your experience within the game. It’s fun playing on the ground, but it’s awesome to experience Minecraft floating above the ground.

Each ruin you have will give you a chest and a mob spawner. With those features, it just increases the fun of the game altogether. You can also look for random ruins to explore in Floating Ruins Mod 1.8. This mod increases the possibilities of gameplay and interesting finds. The ruin exploration pack will give you much more action and excitement while playing Minecraft. It’s no wonder that this mod is so popular! Half the fun is just trying to figure out how to get on the floating ruins in the first place. So if you are up for a challenge, this is the mod you need to check out.

Mod Features

Each ruin has a chest to find
List of items in chests
Spawner mob choices
Available for different biomes (works on biome you are using)
Options for choosing height, shape, length and depth of floating ruin island
Includes Minecraft Forge
Has occasional updates to enhance your experience

Required For Mod

bspkrsCore is required for the Floating Ruin mod to work. If bspkrCore is not installed with this mod, Minecraft will crash and you will be unable to play.

How To Install Floating Ruins

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download and install bspkrsCore
  3. In the Start Menu type: %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  4. Download Floating Ruins mod
  5. Place in “mods” folder
  6. Start playing! Enjoy the mod!

Overall there were many good reviews for this Minecraft mod. Being able to explore Floating Ruin Islands just gives the game more depth and action packed fun! If you have any questions regarding this mod or any comments, feel free to let us know below.

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